Calcutta University Exams: Offline exam will be held in Calcutta University, High Court rejects demand for online exam

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The Calcutta High Court, while rejecting the demand of some students to conduct online examination in the University of Calcutta, said that these students cannot decide in which mode the examination will be taken. This will be decided by the university administration.

Calcutta University Examination (University of CalcuttaExams) will be offline. The Calcutta High Court division bench also upheld the decision of the single bench of the High Court. Calcutta High Court (Calcutta High CourtA division bench of Justice Subrata Talukdar and Justice Lapita Banerjee passed the order on Tuesday. The court said that the examination offline (Offline Exam) will be. Candidates will have to physically go to the university and take the exam. If there is any complaint regarding the examination, it should be reported to the Controller of Examinations. Let us inform that some candidates had approached the Calcutta High Court demanding an online examination. They demanded that classes were not held for a long time and the syllabus was not completed. Since most of the studies have been done online, the examinations should also be done online.

The court clarified in which mode the examination would be conducted. Students will not decide this. This is not the right of the students. Syllabus is not over. This is a matter of university. The university will decide in which mode the exam will be held.

Single bench also gave opinion in favor of offline examination

Let us tell you that even before this, the case was registered in a single bench. At that time the court had said that the examination would be offline, but the decision of the single bench was challenged in the division bench, but the division bench has upheld the decision of the single bench. The plaintiff alleges that the syllabus has not been completed on time, but the examination has started. However, this argument was not accepted. The court said that these students cannot decide whether the examination will be taken online or offline. This is entirely a matter of the university.

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Some students of Calcutta University are demanding online examination

In other words, the court made two things very clear on this day. Firstly, the mode of examination will be determined by the university authorities and secondly, students do not have the fundamental right to decide how to take the examination. With regard to the abolition of the course, the court said that the Calcutta University is a reputed institution. They are quite confident about what to teach. They know very well what will be the priority in the question paper. So his decision is being respected. On the other hand, students will be able to complain about any kind to the university administration. Let us inform that the students of Calcutta University have been demanding online examination for many days, but the university management has made it clear that the examination will be offline only. Some students had knocked the door of the High Court against him.