California Church Shooting: One man killed and 5 injured in indiscriminate firing at a California church

Indiscriminate firing at a church in California.

California Church Shooting: People are in panic after one after the other firing incidents in America. On Sunday, there was also a gunfight in a church in Southern California, in which a young man died.

America (AmericaThe series of incidents of firing is not taking its name to stop. On Saturday, there was an indiscriminate firing at a supermarket in downtown Buffalo.FiringA day after this, on Sunday, the same news has come out from America, after which people are in panic. This time the firing incident happened in a church in Southern California (California Church Shooting) Happened in. According to the information, a gunman opened fire inside the church, in which a youth was killed. 5 people have also been injured in this incident.

Officials said the firing took place at around 1:26 pm on Sunday at the Geneva Presbyterian Church in Laguna Woods. After the firing, there was a stampede in the church. People started running here and there to save their lives. During this, a young man came under the bullet of the gunman, after which he died. Police informed that the accused who carried out this incident has been arrested. Weapons have also been recovered from him.

Taiwanese people were the target of the gunman?

Carrie Braun, a spokeswoman for the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, said most of the victims were from Taiwan. However, officials are currently trying to find out whether Taiwanese people were the target of the gunman. If not, what was the intention of the accused behind carrying out this incident. The Orange County Fire Authority said on Twitter that its firefighters and paramedics reached the spot and took the injured to the hospital for treatment. Images posted on social media showed the emergency vehicle standing outside the church. California Governor Gavin Newsom’s office said on the incident that it was working with local officials to monitor the situation.

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Firing took place in Buffalo on Sunday

It is worth noting that a similar incident had come to the fore on Sunday as well. When an 18-year-old man wearing an army uniform opened fire indiscriminately with a rifle in a supermarket in Buffalo city of America. At least 10 people were reported to have died in this incident. While three others were injured. The attack was termed by the authorities as a violent extremism motivated by racial sentiments.