Can Ben Stokes make a comeback? Silverwood’s statement

The English team seems to be lagging behind in the Test series being played between India and England. The visiting teens have taken a 1-0 lead, which would certainly have added to the pressure on the hosts. In such a situation, it is now being discussed that seeing such a condition of England, can star all-rounder Ben Stokes make a comeback in the third Test? Although the head coach of the team Chris Silverwood has made a statement.

Ben Stokes is not a comeback

World No. 1 all-rounder player Ben Stokes has taken an indefinite break from cricket due to mental health. He made this announcement even before the start of the India-England series. Now that the English team is in trouble, people feel that Stokes can ask for a comeback, but the head coach does not believe so. Silverwood said,

“I think we are not going to ask Stokes to come back. I don’t think you can pressurize in such cases. I will wait. We will wait for him till he himself comes and says that I am ready to play.

Wood told when he can return

Ben Stokes (Ben Stokes) has taken an indefinite break from cricket. Which means there is no time limit as to when he will return. However, the head coach has said that when Stokes feels ready, then he can make a comeback. Silverwood said,

‘There’s no time limit. I am saying it again that it is important for us to stay healthy for Stokes, his family so that he can make a strong comeback. It is important for us to get to that position when he feels mentally ready to come back and do well for England.

Third match will start from August 24

Ben Stokes

The third match of the 5-match series being played between India and England will be played at Headingley Oval from August 24. India have a 1-0 lead in the series. But now the England team would like to come back in the series, coming with a combined performance. On the other hand, Team India would like to maintain their winning streak, as this is their best chance to win the series in England.

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