Capitol Hill violence case: Shock to Trump, judge rejects attempts to quash trials

US Donald Trump: Former US President Donald Trump’s difficulties are increasing in the Capitol Hill violence case. He will now have to face the cases that have been filed against him.

Trump will have to face trial

Image Credit source: AFP

America A federal judge of former President Donald Trump (US Former President Donald Trump) against the MPs and two police officers of Parliament House on charges of conspiracy (Lawsuit Against Trump) His attempt to cancel is rejected. The judge said that probably the words of the former president have ‘credibly’ on January 6, 2021.Captiol Hill Violence) had paved the way for the rebellion. This is believed to increase Trump’s troubles.

US District Court Judge Amit Mehta said in his decision that Trump’s words during a rally before a violent mob entered the US Parliament House were like words of provocation. Judge Mehta said that people could have broken the law with Trump’s speech. However, he has dismissed similar allegations against Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr. and lawyer Rudy Giuliani.

What was argued in the lawsuit?

The lawsuit, filed by Republican lawmakers Eric Svalven, de Calif, Officer James Blasingham and Sidney Hemby, argues that Trump, Trump Jr., Giuliani and Republican lawmaker Mo Brooks made “false and inciting allegations of fraud and theft and violence at the rally.” On the call of a violent mob attacked the US Parliament building. It is noteworthy that in this violence that took place on January 6, five people were killed.

Trump refused to give up

Trump had to face defeat in the 2020 presidential election in America. While Democratic Party leader Joe Biden won. That’s when Trump refused to give up. He made allegations of rigging in the elections. He also tweeted continuously in this matter. On January 6, 2021, Trump supporters stormed the US Parliament Capitol Hill during the counting of electoral votes. In which many people including policemen died. Along with the new government of America, the leaders of Trump’s party had also held him responsible for this incident. While Trump has been denying these allegations.

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