Career in Hindi: Hindi is a strong language, make a great career with its help, there are many options

Best career options in Hindi: People who are educated in Hindi medium are getting a lot of opportunities to make a career. Hindi is a language in which you can make a prosperous career. One can take advantage of the opportunities that exist in both the government and private sectors.

There are many career opportunities in Hindi language, from government sectors to multinational companies (signal picture)

Hindi Course ke baad career jobs: Hindi is one of the ten powerful languages ​​of the world. Today this language is taught in hundreds of universities in the country and abroad. Now Hindi is the only official language (Rajbhasha) Not limited to this, but it has also made its place in the world markets. Nowadays some youth have started considering Hindi only as the language of patriotism, but this is far from reality. nowadays opportunities in hindi ,Career Options in Hindi, Plenty of. Educated people are getting a lot of opportunities to make a career in Hindi medium. If you have a degree in Hindi language and literature, then you can take advantage of the opportunities available in both government and private sectors.

Hindi is a language in which you can make a prosperous career. In the absence of information, some youths are heard saying that there is no career in Hindi. If you are a student of Hindi medium, like to speak and work in Hindi, then do not pay attention to such negative things. It is true that the most commonly used language for communication is English, which can be learned with a few years of practice. Also keep in mind that the basics of Gyan-Science or English can be learned and taught through any medium. You just need to hone your skills.

Hindi is a powerful language

If your degree is in Hindi language-literature or your medium of instruction has been Hindi then there is nothing to be ashamed of. It doesn’t matter what medium you are through. It is merely an expression of thoughts, feelings and knowledge. Remember, your ability is your identity and this determines the direction of your career. On the basis of a degree in Hindi literature, you can do the job of a translator and interpreter from teaching. There is no dearth of opportunities for Hindi people even in the field of call centers and tourism.

Hindi dominance

Hindi is used by the central government in parliamentary, judicial and general communication. Hindi is being used extensively in print media, electronic media, internet, national and international organizations. Hindi also dominates platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and WhatsApp. Big companies like Google and Microsoft have also started working in Hindi. There are many career opportunities in this.

skills required

A good understanding of the language is essential for getting a job. Therefore, while doing Hindi Honors or MA Hindi, students should focus on developing a good understanding of the language. Along with studying Hindi language and literature, every effort should be made to understand its practical side. This helps in making a career in poetry, story besides media, translation and creative writing. Those who do Honors from Hindi do not face any problem in getting a job. They can get jobs in judicial service, civil service, state service, railway, bank etc. by appearing in competitive examinations. Hindi students can earn a lot from sports commentary to fashion world, ad agency and NGO.

Major areas where Hindi students can get employment:

1. Teaching: After doing BA and BEd from Hindi, one gets the job of Hindi teacher in schools. To teach in college, it is necessary to do MPhil and PhD after MA. Lecturer job is easily available after PhD.

2. Media: There is no dearth of opportunities in the media for the candidates who have graduated from Hindi. Media in its various forms provides opportunities to Hindi students to work in many ways. There are job opportunities in print media, electronic media and radio. Candidates having a hold on Hindi language find it easy to make a career in the field of journalism. After doing BA or MA in Hindi, there are many job opportunities for doing diploma or certificate course in journalism. Apart from this, Hindi students are also needed in Hindi newspapers and magazines published by various institutions of the Central and State Governments.

3. Hindi Officer: Nowadays all banks Rajbhasha Adhikari (Rajbhasha Adhikari) appoint. According to the Hindi Language Act, the appointment of a Hindi officer is mandatory. Official language officers are appointed in the offices of the Government of India who promote the use of Hindi. Graduate candidates in Hindi subject can get an opportunity to work as a Hindi consultant in the country and abroad.

4. Translator: If you have mastery over another language, you can become a translator. Staff Selection Commission (SSC) Every year recruits Hindi translators. Travel agencies and government and private institutions give opportunities to such people. In the field of media also, there is a lot of demand for such people who have knowledge of English or any other language along with having knowledge of Hindi.

5. Film: If you enjoy playing with words, then you can get work in films and TV serials. You can make a career in this field as a script writer.

In this way, there are immense employment opportunities in Hindi language. This language also provides new opportunities. This is the reason that nowadays Hindi language experts in the country and abroad (Hindi Language Expert) The demand is increasing. Even business houses and political parties have started promoting Hindi content in social media to increase their reach to the common people. Only those who know Hindi language handle their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media accounts as social media managers.