Career in Perfumery: If you have a good understanding of fragrance, then become a perfumer, know the course, earning and career options

Career in Perfume Industry: Perfumers are chemists who develop different types of lovely fragrances. This is a creative field that you can choose as a hobby or career.

You can make a great career in the perfume industry, know the way

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Career as a Perfumer: Along with spreading fragrance, perfumes also increase morale and confidence. Its wonderful fragrance attracts most of the people. Nowadays, the craze is increasing among the youth regarding fragrance. If you have a deep sense of fragrance (sense of smell) likes to be in the company of fragrance and fragrance (scenttempt you, then becoming a perfumer is the right career option for you.Best Career Option) Maybe. This is a creative field that you can choose as a hobby or career. What is perfumery? What is the job of a perfumer? How to make a career in Perfume Industry? You will find answers to all these questions in this article.

What is Perfumery? What is Perfumery?

The art of making perfume is called perfumery. The term is also used for perfume makers and sellers. A professional who specializes in making perfume composition and giving flavor is called a perfumer. Perfumers are chemists who develop different types of lovely fragrances. A perfumer should have a deep knowledge of the variety of scents that are embedded in fragrance items. An understanding of chemistry is important for perfumers to develop fragrance. This helps in understanding the properties and reactivity of the ingredients.

Although the art of making perfume is beyond science. The career of a perfumer or fragrance chemist is one of the most challenging in the flavor and fragrance industry. This is an ancient art. Historians believe that the people of Mesopotamia used to make perfume through incense.

Perfumer Work: What Do Perfumers Do?

Generally, perfumers work for fragrance houses. His main job is to develop aroma formulas for all types of products. They work in perfumes ranging from automobile air fresheners to antiperspirant, cleaning, laundry and personal care products in addition to creating a variety of fragrances. Ingredients commonly used in perfumery include fruits, flowers, oils, wood, resins and plants.

Perfumer Eligibility: Qualification for Perfumer

1. Personal attributes: A perfumer must have the ability to recognize smells apart from the ability to mix them in an attractive way. Good memory power is a plus point to make a career in this field. The job as a perfumer requires patience and passion. The passion to try something new and the eagerness to experience new smells along with excellent lab skills and time management is a must.

2. Educational requirements: The number of institutes in the country for imparting training in the field of perfumery is very less. To enter this field, the candidate must have at least a degree in Chemistry. After this you can learn by joining an institute or doing a job. A master’s or doctoral degree is necessary to make a career in the high ranking fragrance industry. It takes many years of training to become a perfumer. This is an area where one is constantly learning and experimenting.

Perfumer Jobs and Career Options: Jobs, Career Options for Perfumer

The number of perfumers in our country is very less. Therefore, there is a good opportunity in this field to make a lucrative career. The work of a perfumer is similar to that of a food flavourist, who creates the aroma and taste for food products. Perfumers can work in various sectors of the fragrance industry. They get jobs easily in big perfume houses or companies. Perfumers can find opportunities in the tea, wine industry as well as aromatherapy. There are more possibilities abroad for experienced perfumers.

Perfumer Salary: Perfumer’s Earnings

At the beginning of the career, perfumers earn about 25 to 30 thousand months. A candidate holding a perfumery degree from an established school gets around Rs 50,000 in the beginning itself. Perfumers earn in lakhs after many years of experience.

top institute

There are some institutes in India that offer courses in perfumery. Mumbai University and Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai offers Master’s degree in Perfumery and Flavour Technology. Fragrance and Flavor Development Center (FFDC) Kannauj, Uttar Pradesh offers one year course. Short term courses can also be done from here. VG Vaze College of Arts, Science and Commerce (Mumbai) offers a two year post graduate diploma course in Perfumery and Cosmetic Management. This course covers all aspects of perfumery, cosmetics and management. Many universities abroad offer courses in perfumery.