Cars being stolen using Apple AirTags, police alerted people

Using Apple AirTags, people can track their essential items like bags, keys etc. Many people keep it in their wallet so that if the wallet is lost, it can be found with the help of Apple’s Find My app, but these days Apple AirTags are in discussion for some other reason. Canada’s York Regional Police Auto/Cargo Department has issued a notice warning about theft of cars using Apple AirTags. In fact, thieves have found a new way to steal high-end vehicles, in which they are taking the help of Apple AirTags.

released earlier this month notice states that five incidents have been reported in the York area. In these, the suspects had installed a small tracking device on it to steal the car. Thieves put ‘AirTags’ in vehicles when they are parked in public places, malls or parking lots. The vehicles are then tracked to the owner’s house and then stolen on occasion.

It has been told in the report that thieves open the door of the car with the help of tools like screwdriver. Once inside the car, thieves take the help of an electronic device. Mechanics are usually used to reprogram this device to factory settings. Thieves use this device to start the car and steal it.

York Regional Police claim to be on alert for car thefts, but thieves continue to use new methods. In its notice, the police have also given measures to prevent car theft with the help of Apple AirTag. People have been asked to park their car inside the garage. People have also been advised to lock the steering wheel, install an alert system in the car and install a security camera. The police have also said that use the car regularly. If you see any tracking device in it, then call the police.

The new method of car theft is currently troubling the Canadian Police. Now it remains to be seen how much she is able to control this and whether she can reach the vicious thieves.


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