CBSE: Jammu and Kashmir disappeared from the map of India, now a tweet created a ruckus

In the map made on the French subject book of CBSE Board, Jammu and Kashmir is shown outside the map of India.

J&K missing from map in CBSE board book

Image Credit source: Twitter

The Central Board of Education (CBSE) got into a big trouble on Monday. Actually, Jammu and Kashmir was not shown as part of India on a board book. from a twitter handle CBSE Board The picture of the cover page of the class 10th French subject book was shared. In this picture, Jammu and Kashmir was not shown as a part of India. After this, the picture of CBSE’s book went viral on social media and people have also criticized CBSE. Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan and Home Minister Amit Shah have also been tagged in the tweet.

In fact, a Twitter user named Legal Rights Observatory- LRO or @LegalLro tweeted the photo of the book’s cover. This Twitter user claims that it is an NGO raising voice on legal issues in the national interest. More than 47 thousand people are following this Twitter handle. It tweeted, ‘CBSE is this true? Do you not consider Jammu and Kashmir as an integral part of India? Or do you still have a leftist gang, which keeps a tight control over the school book section? From Gender Confusion in Children to Separatism in Jammu and Kashmir! You are scaling new heights. Wonderful.’

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