Charu Asopa gave a big update on the relationship with Rajeev Sen, said this about divorce

Charu Asopa has clarified a lot about the relationship with Rajiv Sen. He has said that I have filed for divorce and have also sent a draft of divorce to Rajiv.

Rajeev Sen and Charu Asopa

tv actress Charu Asopa And Sushmita Sen’s brother Rajiv Sen remains in the discussion about their relationship. Charu has now openly talked about the relationship with her husband Rajiv. The actress has said that she has been surprised by whatever statement she has given and action taken. Charu has clarified many things about his married life. Recently, Rajiv shared a photo with Charu, after which people felt that everything was fine between the two.

Charu shocked by Rajiv’s behavior

Now in an interview given to ‘Pinkvilla’, Charu has said that the comments made by Rajiv against him have hurt him. Rajiv talked about Charu’s previous marriage and alleged that he was kept unaware of it. Charu said that ever since he has accused me of hiding my first marriage, I am getting one shock after another. He said that I played the victim card and now he has posted a photo with me, due to which I am surprised. On one hand he is speaking against me and on the other he is posting photos with me. It is beyond my understanding why he is doing this.

She says that the perception has become such that when Rajiv posts a photo with me or says something, it is believed that we have come together and when he speaks against me that it is believed that we are different. This has become a mindset. No one wants to know where I stand in the midst of all this and what I want.

Charu applied for divorce

Charu said that there is nothing left to fix and save the marriage, so he has taken the legal route. There are many issues and a lot has happened in these 3 years. So I have decided to end this marriage and I have filed for divorce and sending legal notice. I have not decided to part ways in a day, many things have happened after which I have come to this decision. People outside think that we are playing breakup and patchup. I have made up my mind and my lawyer has filed for divorce. I have sent the divorce draft to Rajiv but he said that he wants some changes. It’s been a week since my lawyer called his lawyer but there is no response.

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Charu and Rajeev He also has a daughter, whose name is Gianna. Charu says that she wants to keep her daughter in a good environment. I don’t want her to know that there is a problem between her parents.