ChatGPT failed in English exam! People said – wave of happiness among teachers

ChatGPT: Artificial Intelligence ChatGPT has failed in English exam. There is a lot of discussion on its social media platform Twitter.


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Chat GPT News: Artificial intelligence chatbot ChatGPT has surprised the world with its performance. From answering tough questions, writing emails, making excuses, to completing assignments Chat GPT has been used. It has also shown its ability very well. It also passed the MBA program exam of the Wharton School of Pennsylvania, which is considered one of the toughest exams.

Recently, this AI also took part in Uniform Bar Exam, LSAT, GRE and AP Exam and performed well in it. Although ChatGPT has performed well in all the tests, there is one test in which the AI ​​fizzled out. Actually, ChatGPT failed in English language and literature exam. After this, there is a lot of discussion on social media.

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What did people say on Twitter?

Alleged cheating in exam

Professor Ethan Malik of Wharton School has shared the scorecard of ChatGPT-4 on Twitter. During this, many people claimed that AI depends on the information available on the Internet. Because of this he cheats in the exam. But Professor Ethan has something else to say.

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Professor Ethan explained that AI still has to process data despite the use of deep learning. It then uses this data to answer questions. All over the world, where there is a fear among people that in the coming times, Artificial Intelligence will take their place. The failure of AI in these circumstances is a matter of relief for many.