ChatGPT passed MBA exam, professor said – AI is ‘dangerous’ for education

ChatGPT based on Artificial Intelligence recently cleared the MBA exam. However, in Maths, ChatGPT has not performed very well.

Chat GPT

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OpenAI Chatbot Chat GPT Ever since its launch in November last year, it has become a topic of discussion among the people. ChatGPT has been used for all kinds of purposes, including writing emails, assignments, and writing poems in a variety of ways. People have used software based on this artificial intelligence for almost every kind of work. The only thing left was the exam, for which ChatGPT was not used.

However, now ChatGPT has been used for the exam as well. The Master of Business Administration (MBA) exam was conducted with this chatbot, in which it passed the exam, but also exposed one of its shortcomings. ChatGPT is weak in Maths. A professor at the Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania, USA, had made ChatGPT sit in the MBA exam. The result of the test he got was quite surprising.

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How did ChatGPT fare in the test?

Professor Christian Tervish has published a research paper. In this, he has taken the performance test of ChatGPT in Operation Management Final Test. This is a kind of MBA core course. During his research, Professor Tervish found that ChatGPT not only cracked the toughest exam of the MBA program, but also scored well in it.

The professor explained that the AI ​​chatbot answers analysis questions appropriately, including questions based on basic operations management and case studies. However, when it comes to Maths exam, ChatGPT’s shortcomings come to the fore. He said, ‘I was amazed by the beauty of the words. Answers were written with concise, precise words and structure. But the condition of maths was very bad.

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the importance of education will decrease

In fact, as soon as questions related to Advanced Maths were asked, the shortcoming of ChatGPT came to the fore. He was not able to answer the questions properly. Despite having a low score in Maths, ChatGPT got B grade. Professor Tervish said that now the time has come to change the methods of the exam, its design and the way of teaching. He warned that AI would reduce the importance of education. This is dangerous for education.