Chhattisgarh Schools: Chhattisgarh government’s big order, children get uniform, books and stationery in schools along with free education

Right of children to free education in Chhattisgarh private schools

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Chhattisgarh Education News: Under the instructions issued by the Government of Chhattisgarh, the District Education Officer will have to get the instructions of the government to be followed in the private schools operating in their districts.

Chhattisgarh School Free Education: Chhattisgarh government has issued a big order for private schools of the state. According to this order, private schools of the state ,Chhattisgarh Schools, Compulsory Children’s Education Rights Act to students with free education in (RTE) Under this, free uniforms, books and stationery have been asked to be given. The order has been issued by the government to the students in the sequence of the decision passed by the High Court. Despite this order, it has come to notice through various means that some private schools are not providing these facilities to the beneficiary students, which is in violation of the orders of the High Court and the government.

Director Public Instruction has directed all the Divisional Joint Directors in their subordinate districts and to the District Education Officers. According to the instructions issued, all the officers should be appointed in private schools run in the districts, where students study under RTE. Make sure to monitor those schools and strictly follow the instructions of the government.

Instructions to District Education Officers

Under the Act, the District Education Officer has been declared by the Chhattisgarh State Government as a competent officer within his working area. It has also been directed by the Director Public Instruction that if any private school does not follow the rules, or violates, then action should be taken against the concerned school as per the provision in the Act.

Crisis on promotion of teachers

Alak Shukla, Principal Secretary, Chhattisgarh School Education Department has given this statement. He has said that teachers in whose class 80 percent of the children fail, considering them unfit, promotion should be banned. The official said these things in a webinar regarding the quality of education. During this, many senior officials of the education department were present.

Controversy arose after this decision. The teachers union has expressed displeasure over his statement. The union has said that it is regrettable to call the teachers unqualified. The teacher is already busy with many things. In such a situation, those works should be stopped first.