Chhavi Mittal Health Update: Chhavi Mittal got discharge after breast cancer surgery, shared good news while sharing the video

Chhavi Mittal

Image Credit source: Instagram

Chhavi Mittal is a successful TV actress. The last few months were very difficult for Chhavi as the actress was a victim of breast cancer.

Breast cancer on April 25 (Breast CancerChhavi Mittal, who underwent surgery, has been discharged from the hospital today (May 1). Recently, the actress has shared a good news video on social media. In this video image ,Chhavi Mittal) can be seen getting ready to go home leaving hospital things behind. Sharing the post on Instagram, the image wrote in the caption, “Now it’s time to go home. I was finally discharged from the hospital today. I was missing home a lot these days. Finally I am going to meet everyone.”

Recently, during her treatment, Chhavi pampered herself by visiting the hospital’s salon. He also shared this video with the fans. In this video, Chhavi is seen going to the salon with a gown and face mask. After visiting the salon, Chhavi washed and blow-dried her hair. Along with the post, the image wrote in the caption, “Some big things make you feel like finding happiness in small things. I felt so proud of myself that I sat here to wash and dry my hair, walking down the elevator and into the salon.

Was fighting cancer for many months

Chhavi has always spoken openly about her cancer journey. He shared all the updates of his health with the audience with his video vlogs. After her 6-hour long surgery, Chhavi shared a lengthy post on her Instagram account announcing that she is now ‘cancer-free’. After her surgery, she also celebrated her 17th anniversary with her husband Mohit Hussain.

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Rakesh praises husband Mohit

Chhavi had praised her husband Mohit, saying that his father had already warned Mohit about his ailments. But still he did not back down. He always supported. Chhavi also said ‘Thank You’ to her husband for always supporting her. Let us tell you, Chhavi’s husband Mohit is a successful director. He has directed many serials. The couple also has two children named Arham and Ariza.