Chief Justice of India DY Chandrachud was a radio jockey, told – I have also done moonlighting

Chief Justice DY Chandrachud has revealed that at one time he too did moonlighting. During that time he was working as a lawyer.

Chief Justice DY Chandrachud

Image Credit source: PTI

Chief Justice of India Dhananjay Y Chandrachud recently revealed that he moonlighted as a Radio Jockey (RJ). Actually, moonlight means that after having one job, working in another place. recently Moonlighting There has been a lot of debate about. Many big IT companies of the country fired their employees just because they were found doing moonlighting. However, the Chief Justice told why he had done so.

The Chief Justice said that he moonlighted as an RJ in All India Radio (AIR). DY Chandrachud told that he hosted shows like ‘Play it cool’, ‘A date with you’ and ‘Sunday Request’ on All India Radio, while he was also working as a lawyer during this time. This disclosure was made recently in a conference addressed by CJI Chandrachud. The Chief Justice himself exposed this secret.

Chief Justice is fond of music

CJI Chandrachud said at the conference, ‘Not many people know about this, but I did ‘Play It Cool’, ‘Date With You’ or ‘Date With You’ as a radio jockey at the age of 20 in All India Radio (AIR). Did programs like ‘Sunday Request’. CJI Chandrachud also revealed that he has a great love for music and likes to listen to music while at home.

The Chief Justice said, ‘My love for music continues even today. So when I’m done with the lawyers music’s on, which isn’t always music to the ears. I go back and listen to music which is actually music to the ears. I do this every day of my life.

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Moonlighting was called a ‘fraud’

Moonlighting has recently become a topic of discussion in many companies in India. In October 2022, IT company Happiest Minds Technologies fired some employees because they were working elsewhere. The issue of moonlighting has emerged as a big buzzword in the IT industry ever since Wipro chairman Rishad Premji called the issue a ‘fraud’ on Twitter.