Children will also get Corona’s ‘safety shield’! Moderna vaccine is 96 percent effective on youth between 12 and 17 years

America’s pharmaceutical company Moderna has said that its Covid-19 Vaccine is 96% effective on young people between 12 and 17 years old. The company has given the information citing the results of its first clinical trial. In this trial in America, 3,235 people were involved, out of which two-thirds were given vaccine, while one-third people were given pills. Significantly, all the vaccines that have been prepared so far are for people above 18 years of age.

Moderna said that the study showed that the vaccine is up to 96 percent effective against Kovid-19. During this time, mRNA-1273 usually kept everything under control and no serious safety concerns have been seen so far. There were 12 cases of coronavirus within 14 days after the first dose was given in this trial. After these results, the people involved in the trial were kept under observation for an average of 35 days after the second injection.

These side effects were seen after the vaccine application.

The American pharmaceutical company said that any side effects after the vaccine were mild or moderate. There was pain in the most commonly injected area. After taking the second dose of the vaccine, side effects such as pain, fatigue, muscle aches and shivering are seen. These side effects were exactly the same as those observed after applying the vaccine to adults. Moderna said that no serious security concerns have been identified so far.

Now, people of 18 years and above are getting Moderna’s vaccine.

Moderna said that the company is currently discussing with regulators a possible amendment to the regulatory filing of the vaccine to allow the vaccine for this age group. Currently, the Moderna vaccine has been approved for the introduction of people aged 18 years and above in many countries around the world. Pfizer and BioNotech have already applied for approval for the use of their vaccine for children aged 12–15 years in the US and Europe.

Vaccine trial for children from six months to 11 years started

Vaccination of children is being seen as the next step to control the corona epidemic. Moderna started trials on vaccines for children between six months to 11 years in March itself. Pfizer and BioNotech announced on Tuesday that they are expecting to file a request for emergency use in the US for their vaccine for children between the ages of two and 11 in September.

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