China desperate to become a super power! Did the US make a big mistake by shooting down the spy balloon?

China is continuously increasing its defense budget, while the US is already gearing up to maintain its supremacy.

China’s balloon is in danger of attacking America.

America in a recent chinese balloon has appeared whom the US government spy balloon giving agreement. America has blown this balloon with a missile. America’s move China And has given a further boost to the mutual dispute between America. America has already declared itself as a superpower, while China is also claiming itself to be omnipotent during this time. America had increased its defense budget to $858 billion last year.

But China has also continuously increased its defense budget. China has kept its defense budget at $293 billion. Which is the second highest budget. Talking about the active army near America, there are 482,416 active members. While China’s army is equipped with 20 lakh soldiers along with being the largest army in the world. There are 8,848 active tanks in the US Army, while China has 3700 active tanks.

vying to be a superpower

Talking about fighter aircraft, the People’s Liberation Army of China has 4000 aircraft out of which 2300 are fighter jets. On the other hand, if we talk about the US Army, the US Army has 5217 total aircraft out of which 2785 are fighter aircraft. The Chinese Navy has 422 fleet units, while the US has more than this.

one to one technology

The most dangerous tank in America’s weapons is The Black Knight Tank. It is used in the most dangerous places. It can also be used with remote control. It is fitted with a 30 mm cannon and a 7.62 mm machine gun. On the other hand, if we talk about China, it has Type 99 tank. Which is the most destructive of all Chinese tanks. It stands between the 70 ton American Abraham and the 48 ton Russian T-90. It has 125 mm smoothbore. It has been included in the list of the world’s strongest tank.

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India is also in the list

In terms of defense budget, America is currently almost three times more than China’s defense budget, but China is also increasing its defense budget every year. The competition to become a superpower is on increasing the army of both the countries and strengthening it as much as possible. Both the armies have state-of-the-art weapons. Although India is also not far behind in this list. India has also made a huge increase in its defense budget this year.