China ‘exposed’ on Corona! There is no truth in the claim of spreading the virus from bats, has the ‘dragon’ spread the disease?

Regarding the origin of Coronavirus, it is still believed that it has reached humans through bats or pangolins. The reason behind this is to sell them in the meat market located in Wuhan city of China. The first cluster of Corona appeared in this meat market. But now a study led by Oxford says that no bats or pangolins were sold in the meat market of Wuhan just before the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. In this way, once again China’s pole has been exposed and the claim of the virus being leaked from the Wuhan lab is getting stronger.

In this study, about 50,000 animals of 38 species, including badgers, pigs, pit vipers, have been documented for sale in the Wuhan meat market from 2017 to November 2019. The team that conducted the study found that there is no evidence that even a single bat or pangolin was sold in the meat market. In such a situation, it has been concluded that these organisms were not hosts to spread the coronavirus. Instead, scientists argued that a large number of wild animals were being kept in dirty cages by traders in the meat market, which could be responsible for spreading the corona.

Bats and pangolins were not being sold

According to the Daily News, Chris Newman of the University of Oxford said, some of these species are known to spread various types of diseases. He said, some of these animals were considered as dangerous category animals for spreading Kovid. But bats and pangolins were not being sold in these markets. Newman said that our data cannot determine how humans became infected with Kovid-19. Direct contact with pangolins or bats seems highly improbable in this market.

Thousands of animals sold in the market are capable of spreading disease

This claim has been made at a time when questions are being raised about the origin of the virus. The discussion has intensified that the virus was leaked from the Wuhan lab and has not been transmitted from animals to humans. The authors of this study say that thousands of animals sold in the Wuhan meat market are capable of spreading infectious diseases. On the other hand, China has claimed that it has acted on the markets that spread the disease. In addition, the sale of live animals has been declared illegal. However, more than a year after the pandemic, people are still reaching these markets in a big way.

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