China is going to be attacked after elections, American general’s big claim, know the matter- Video

TV9 Bharatvarsh | Edited By: prabhakar chaturvedi

Updated on: Jan 29, 2023 | 7:11 AM IST

According to the claims, both America and Taiwan can attack China simultaneously. The American general said that this attack could happen after the presidential elections in both the countries.



After 2 years i.e. in 2025, there are presidential elections in both America and Taiwan. And immediately after this there can be an attack on China. A fierce war can break out between the two superpowers regarding Taiwan. Believe me, this claim has been made by none other than the four star rank general of the US Air Force. Not only this, it has even been claimed that if there is a war between China and America, then its consequences will be very frightening… the existence of many countries will be destroyed… why and how… see…