China worried about possible visit of US diplomat Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan, warns of war

US diplomat Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan is not yet clear. But, even before this, China has made it clear that it should not go to Taiwan. China said that if she goes to Taiwan then the situation may get worse.

International agencies have been claiming for a long time that China is preparing to attack Taiwan.

Image Credit source: TV9

The war between Russia and Ukraine continues. Meanwhile, a new front of war is also being seen. Which will be fought on the land of Taiwan, but America and China will be face to face in this war. In fact, US diplomat Nancy Pelosi is going on a visit to four Asian countries from this week. Taiwan is not on this list of Pelosi. But, there is speculation that she may also visit Taiwan in this sequence. American China’s anger has reached seventh heaven over the possible visit of diplomat Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan. After which China has given an open warning of war.

Earlier, Chinese President Xi Jinping called US President Joe Biden on Thursday and talked about accepting foreign interference in any way in the Taiwan matter.

China said, our army will not sit still

China challenged the US on Monday regarding the possible visit of Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan, saying that if Nancy Pelosi comes to Taiwan, then its army will not sit still. The Chinese Foreign Ministry has issued a new warning as preparations begin for Pelosi’s possible visit to Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, Singapore and Taiwan. In this regard, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said that China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) will also not sit silent on Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan.

According to the media report, the Chinese spokesperson said that China will definitely take firm and strong retaliatory measures to protect its sovereignty and territorial integrity. At the same time, China has also appealed to follow the US-China agreement.

US diplomat visits Taiwan after 25 years!

US diplomat Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan has not yet been confirmed. But, if she does go to Taiwan, it will be the first visit by a US diplomat to Taiwan in 25 years. In fact, before this, a US diplomat had visited Taiwan in 1997. At the same time, the Chinese spokesperson has described Pelosi as America’s third largest political figure. Based on this, China has clarified that Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan may worsen the situation in Taiwan.

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China is conducting military exercises near Taiwan on Saturday

The standoff between China and Taiwan continues for a long time. China considers Taiwan as its part. Whereas the government of Taiwan has been declaring itself independent. In this sequence, the atmosphere between the two has heated up from the past few countries. After which China has announced to conduct military exercises near Taiwan on this Saturday. According to a report by the Chinese government’s news agency Xinhua, the Chinese army will conduct military exercises on Saturday at Pington Island in Fujian province. In which cannons can be used.