Chinese balloon is high tech, US expert said – it will not be easy to shoot down

American experts have said that it is very difficult to shoot down a Chinese balloon from the sky.

Chinese balloon hovering over America (File)

Image Credit source: AFP

America flying over chinese spy balloon But now experts have given a big statement. US Experts said on Friday that this balloon high Technology It is equipped with and it is very difficult to shoot and blow it. this surveillance balloon for the first time the pentagon Was seen hovering over US ballistic missile sites in the sky. After this, another Chinese spy balloon was seen over Latin America.

William Kim, an expert on surveillance balloons at the Marathon Initiative think tank in Washington, said that balloons are a valuable means of observation that are difficult to shoot down. He said that this spy balloon looks like a normal weather balloon, but it has many features. A payload is attached to it, which is very effective for collecting information and guiding this balloon. This system runs on large solar panels.

Artificial intelligence makes this balloon so capable that it adjusts itself in which direction to travel with the change in wind. He said, ‘With the development in artificial intelligence, this has changed that the balloon itself can change its direction.’ Not only this, the expert told that this balloon itself can do radio communication from its home station.

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In this whole matter, it has been said from the Chinese side that this balloon was meant to collect weather information which has gone astray by flying in the air. Expert said that this balloon of size equal to 3 buses will remain in the sky of America for the next few days. He said that it is possible to have all the capabilities of surveillance and spying. However, at present no news of any action has been revealed by the US Defense Department.