Chingari: Bhumika Gurung going to make her web debut, now the actress of ‘Nimki Mukhiya’ will be seen bringing life to the crime thriller

Actress Role of Nimki Mukhiya

Image Credit source: Tv9 Bharatvarsh

Actress Bhumika Gurung of ‘Nimki Mukhiya’ is going to be seen in the upcoming crime thriller show. This will be a web show which will be streamed on the OTT platform WOW.

TV show’Nimki Mukhiya,Nimki MukhiyaActress Bhumika Gurung, best known for starring in the film, will be seen in the crime thriller show ‘Chingari’. Bhumika is preparing to make her web debut on WOW Originals. Written by Vivek Khatri, the show will stream on the OTT platform WOW Originals from mid-May. It also stars Amit Lohia, Sunil Bob and Samiksha Gaur in pivotal roles. Let us tell you, Vivek Khatri is the grandson of Chandrakanta writer Babu Devaki Nandan. Actress Bhumika says about the show, “It is the character and story that really fascinated me and it really made me think that I can do wonders in this. The character of Spark is full of colors and layers’

Chulbul Pandey is like ‘Spark’

He told- ‘Chingari’s character is like female Chulbul Pandey. She sinks into it when she’s at work but she also has a weird side. She is also very loyal to her profession but does not follow the law. I think he is very relatable to everyone.”

The actress shared her experience while working on the show

Sharing her work experience, the actress said, “Working with Vivek sir has been amazing, while the entire team was very friendly and helpful. Vivek sir is a very friendly person. who are open to ideas and discussions. I am very happy to be a part of it. They love working as a family and it was a very good work culture on the sets.”

What did the producer-director say?

Vivek Khatri, Producer and Writer of WOW Originals says about the show, “Chingari is a crime thriller web series based on sensational crime stories but it is not a regular crime thriller type show, it has a comedy tadka as well. I wanted to do something different so I made a female character “Chingari Choubey”. She is a sharp, brave yet fun undercover agent who acts in her own way.”

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He adds, “It was a wonderful experience working with Bhumika. It seems that she was born for this character. We took a look test of more than 10 actresses. We finally picked the role for this role and after seeing her on the sets I can say that there couldn’t have been a better “Spark” actress than the role. She is a versatile actress, very supportive and grounded. Other actors like Sunil Bob, Rohit Kumar, Samiksha Gaur and Amit have also done a great job.”