Choksi was kidnapped, beaten and forcibly sent to Dominica by luring property, claims lawyer

Fugitive diamond merchant Mehul Choksi is facing charges of illegally entering Dominica. Choksi’s lawyer claims that he was “illegally” moved from Antigua and Barbuda to Dominica so that he did not have the option of appealing to the UK Privy Council. This claim has been made by Michael Pollock, who is part of Choksi’s legal team.

He told that a complaint has been lodged with the War Crimes Unit of the Metropolitan Police of UK. Alleging harassment of Choksi in the complaint, Pollock said it was a “violation of the rule of law and fundamental rights”. Pollock alleges that Choksi was abducted with the lure of property. They were thrashed and forcibly deported to another country ‘illegally’. He said ‘this is terrible.’

The kidnapping team used the property

A member of Choksi’s legal team said people in Antigua have the right to appeal to London’s Privy Council, but there is no such facility in Dominica. However, why he was abducted has not been revealed, he said. Pollock claimed that in April 2021, Barbara Jarabica and others had made an “unsuccessful” attempt to kidnap Choksi. They demand that Choksi should be returned to Antigua.

Giving details of the kidnapping attempt, Pollock said that Barbara Jabarika, who escorted Choksi to an Airbnb residence on May 23, specifically asked her owner if there was a place to park a small yacht behind her. Reflecting on the conversation between Jabarika and the property owner, Pollack said he had discussed taking over two adjacent properties after receiving confirmation about the docking place for the boats. Pollack alleged that a property was used by his associates who were part of the kidnapping team.

Evidence of torture found in the case

Pollock claimed that after Choksi’s abduction, Jabarika left Antigua and Barbuda for Dominica in a private plane. He said that since Choksi has Antigua citizenship, any attempt to take away his citizenship or extradite him to India can be appealed to the Privy Council in London. Pollock said in his complaint that it should be investigated by the war crimes unit because there is evidence of torture in this case.

Pollock has alleged that those involved in the kidnapping rehearsed it in April. Choksi went missing on May 23 mysteriously from Antigua and Barbuda where he had been living as a civilian since 2018. He was later detained in the neighboring country of Dominica.

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