Chris Gayle is returning to make RCB the champion! Said- IPL, I am coming…

Chris Gayle made a comeback in IPL

Image Credit source: AP

West Indies’ left-handed explosive batsman Chris Gayle has spoken of his return to the IPL. He told that from when he is returning and with what new intention he is going to return?

Listen, listen, listen… He is returning. He’s coming back. ruckus again. Orgy with the bat. to shower runs. A new thought, with a new intention. He has filled the ruckus of his return in IPL, whose name is Chris Gayle. (Chris Gayle), The Universe Boss Calls The World (Universe Boss), The IPL, which is a bit deserted without him this season, is about to fill that void. But since when? When will he come? So Chris Gayle has also given the answer. West Indies (West Indies) Gayle, the left-handed explosive batsman, will return in the next season of IPL. Meaning this season, now the game will have to be seen without them. But, the 16th season of IPL is not going to be empty. His return is certain in IPL 2023, he himself has said this.