Citadel New Trailer: You would not have seen such an avatar of Priyanka Chopra, as a spy, she showed a lot of action

Priyanka Chopra Citadel New Trailer: The new trailer of actress Priyanka Chopra’s spy series Citadel has been released. Priyanka Damdara is seen in action form with Richard Madden. The actress has made the trailer very exciting with her action and glamour. watch new trailer

Priyanka Chopra Citadel

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Priyanka Chopra Hollywood Series Citadel: Bollywood Actress Priyanka Chopra These days she is spreading her acting skills in Hollywood. Priyanka’s upcoming spy-drama series ‘Citadel’ The new trailer of has been launched. In which Priyanka’s strong action is being seen. You would not have seen such an avatar of Priyanka doing sizzling action before. On the one hand, where Priyanka is doing stunts fiercely, on the other hand, she is also adding a tinge of romance and glamor to the trailer. Priyanka’s message to the fans Hollywood I am liking the style a lot. The premiere of this series will start from April 28 and every Friday a new episode will be released weekly.

action packed trailer

Priyanka Chopra has shared the trailer on her social media. Seeing such a banging avatar of Desi Girl, the fans are praising her fiercely. People are liking Priyanka’s strong action. Fans have hardly seen Hollywood style stunts and Priyanka’s glamorous look before.

What is the story of Citadel?

Citadel is a spy-drama series. 8 years ago, an independent global spy agency destroys the people of Citadel. The job of the Citadel was to protect and defend the people. On the other hand, Manticore is a powerful agency, which wants to destroy the whole world. Citadel is destroyed but his elite agents Mason Kane who is Richard Madden and Nadia Singh who is Priyanka Chopra both remain alive. All their memories are erased, so that these people may not be able to fight again.

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How comes the new twist in the story

Mason and Nadia live with their new identities. He has no memory of his past, but Mason is suddenly tracked down by his old Citadel partner, Bernard Orlick. Manticore tries to create a new world order that Bernard Orlick tries to stop. While Mason searches for his partner Nadia, both of them again go on a mission. They try their best to stop the Manticore. watch trailer

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One episode will be streamed every week

Let us tell you that this series has been jointly produced by Amazon Studios and Jio Russo. David Weil Showrunner has acted as executive producer in the series. Episodes of the series will be released every week. Richard Madden and Priyanka Chopra Jonas are playing the lead roles in the series. Citadel will be released worldwide.