Claim in the report – We are still living in an ice age, then why not a lot of snow?

We have been reading about the ice age on earth. A time when the weather remains cold for a long period of time, for example, for several million years. It is called Ice Age. During this time, a large part of the earth is covered with ice. The question arises that how many ice ages are there in the end of the earth and how will humans survive in them. An attempt has been made to shed light on this in a report by It is believed that there have been at least 5 ice ages on Earth. The first ice age of these occurred about 2 billion years ago and lasted for about three million years. The newest ice age is believed to be 26 million years ago. It is said that technically we are still in this era.

If we are in an ice age, then why is there no ice on the earth? written in the report That humans are in a period called ‘interglacial’. In this the temperature fluctuates between cold and warm levels. Ice and glaciers melt in a warm phase, which is called interglacial. At the same time, ice expands in the cold phase. The report says that we are currently in the warm interglacial period of the Ice Age. It started about 11 thousand years ago.

The report says that when most people talk about the ‘Ice Age’, they are usually referring to the last glacial period, which began around 115,000 years ago and ended with the beginning of the Interglacial Period 11,000 years ago Gone.

Our earth was much colder then compared to today. When winter was at its peak, ice sheets covered most of North America. North America and Eurasia were covered by ice sheets. The earth was much drier and the sea level was much lower.

The question arises whether there was a human in the Ice Age? Answer is yes. The report says that the human species i.e. Homo sapiens emerged in Africa 300,000 years ago. Some of the population remained in Africa during the Ice Age and the rest migrated to the rest of the world, including the cold climate of Europe. It is believed that man survived in those areas by his skill.