Cocaine addict, sex hungry, didn’t even spare sister-in-law… His name is Hunter Biden

Hunter Biden who is the son of Biden. Don’t judge their misdeeds just from the headlines. His personal pictures have gone viral. He used to send money to many women and used to have sex chat with them.

Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden (File)

Image Credit source: AFP

How a laptop can make your wonderful life hell Somebody ask Hunter Biden, Even if no one knows Hunter, but after putting Biden in front of his name, the direct gaze goes towards US President Joe Biden. Yes, Hunter Biden is his son. Hunter is a lawyer by profession. But made a big mistake. His laptop was damaged. He sent it to the service center to get it repaired. From there his black deeds were exposed. One after the other his colorful mood pictures, MMS went viral.

Some chats from Hunter Biden’s laptop have gone viral. In which he has given thousands of dollars to his assistant for sex chat, video sex chat. Hunter’s leaked material shows that he was in a sexual relationship with his assistant for several months between 2018 and 2019. He was intoxicated. Used to consume cocaine but was struggling to quit it. Joe Biden’s son is 52 years old. Hunter’s father Joe Biden is the President of America. He used to come to his father’s house in Wilmington, Del, unabated even in the state of intoxication.

Disclosure of NGO Marco Polo

A shocking disclosure was made in a report by Marco Polo, a leftist NGO. Apart from his assistant, Hunter had relationships with three more women. All of them came out on parole. It includes her sister-in-law Hailey, her sister Liz Secundi and Lunden Roberts. Hunter had hidden all the pictures in his laptop in or around June 2018. Which was first published by The Post in an explosive report of 2020.

Sex chat and sex with assistant

Hunter Biden paid thousands of dollars to a legal assistant during their sexual relationship from 2018 to 2019. However, the assistance money ended in early 2019. When reported that she emailed Hunter’s secretary, Katie Dodge, to complain that she had not received her paycheck. The woman said that I was suddenly removed from the post. I was not even told why I was being fired. After this I tried a lot to get in touch with Huntl but could not get through.

Used to save pictures in laptop

Biden used to keep pictures of him having sex with the employee in the laptop. He used to talk about joining a club or party by sending money to his assistant. He sent $500 to his assistant and told us not to talk about anything other than sex. We got to be nude and do a lot more. Biden tried his best to hide this black act of his son as Biden was beating the US election in 2020. This scandal could have tarnished his image.

Biden in the FBI’s radar

Hunter Biden, 52, is a lawyer and lobbyist who has worked overseas, including in China and Ukraine. The FBI has been investigating Hunter Biden’s business dealings since 2018 and has gathered enough evidence to charge him with tax crimes. Republicans have vowed to investigate him and the family business, given that they now have control of the House of Representatives. The Post alleged that emails found on the computer’s hard-drive suggested that Hunter’s business dealings abroad were influencing US foreign policy.