Coinbase’s Super Bowl ad gets heavy traffic, site crashes

Coinbase aired an ad in its first major crypto splash at Sunday’s Super Bowl. It had a QR code spinning around the screen for 60 seconds. A Coinbase URL was also shown at the end of the ad. The advertisement on the website said that there is a free bitcoin offer of $ 15 (about Rs 1,130) for new customers who sign-up in two days. The landing page of the website received 20 million hits a minute after the launch of this unique ad. The site crashed due to getting such a huge number of hits.

Chief Product Officer Surojit Chatterjee said in a tweet that “Coinbase has seen significant traffic”. Coinbase separately tweeted that we are back and ready for you. Coinbase ran ads in the US Football Championship with FTX, Bitbuy and eToro. However, investors appeared to be worried about the site’s crash. They will have to wait until the next earnings report from Coinbase. After this it will be known how this advertisement affected its user numbers.