CoinSwitch Kuber Adds 5 New Crypto Tokens, Includes In-game Currency

Indian crypto exchange platform Coin Switch Kuber CoinSwitch Kuber has launched support for five new crypto assets. These five crypto assets include Decentraland (MANA), Gala (GALA), Request (REQ), Coty (COTI) and The Sandbox (SAND). Among these cryptocurrencies, MANA, GALA and SAND are crypto tokens derived from online games. Launched in the year 2020, the Coinswitch Kuber exchange now offers 80 crypto assets on its platform. These also include bitcoin, ether and dodgecoin.

With the addition of five new assets, the exchange has also expanded its education initiative Kuberverse to Kuberverse. Its purpose is to provide information to the investors.

CoinSwitch Kuber founder and CEO Ashish Singhal reportedly said That the process of adoption of crypto in India is going on. Our education initiatives, including Kuberverse, aim to help crypto enthusiasts make investment decisions.

The crypto token MANA has achieved 540 percent growth since September. CoinMarketCap As of now, each MANA token is currently trading at $3.25 (about Rs.245).

Similarly, game-based crypto tokens SAND and GALA have also gained momentum in recent times. They are trading at $5 (approx Rs 383) and $0.4397 (approx Rs 33) respectively. On the other hand, REQ and COTI are used in the case of Secure Payment.

At a time when India is looking at ways to regulate the crypto space, it is home to the largest number of crypto investors in the world.

Watcher Guru And several studies by research firms like BrokerChoose have shown that there are around 100 million crypto investors in India.

The central government is preparing to bring a crypto bill. However, it has not yet been introduced in Parliament. Media reports say that it is also looking into the decisions being taken by other countries regarding cryptocurrency.