‘Come to drink coffee in the night’ – When Ravi Kishan was faced with the casting couch, he said – Can’t tell the name now because…

Ravi Kishan: Film actor and politician Ravi Kishan has revealed the story of the casting couch that happened to him. He told that somehow he had escaped in that moment.

Ravi Kishan

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Ravi Kishan Casting Couch: In the world of light, camera and action casting couch Not a new word. Every film industry has been surrounded by allegations of casting couch. Bollywood Many stars have also talked about facing casting couch in the early stages of their career. Now in this list, actors and politicians who have worked in the film industry like Bhojpuri, Hindi and Telugu Ravi Kishan The name of has also been included.

Ravi Kishan has revealed in one of his latest interviews that when he was struggling in the beginning of his career, he too had to face casting couch. During this, he also told that the person who tried casting couch with him has now become a big name in the industry.

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Ravi Kishan had escaped

On the question asked on casting couch in the interview, Ravi Kishan said, “Yes it happened and this thing happens in the industry. But somehow I got away with it.” Ravi Kishan refused to name the person who tried casting couch with him.

Ravi Kishan did not tell the name

Ravi Kishan said, “I cannot take her name now because now she has become a big name. He had said, ‘Let’s have coffee at night’. I thought this thing is consumed during the day. So I got the hint and refused.”

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Let us tell you that Ravi Kishan had entered the film world in the year 1992 with the film Pitambar. This was a Hindi film. Later he started working in Bhojpuri cinema and he was called Salman Khan there. Ravi Kishan also acted in many hit films in Bollywood, including Salman Khan’s Tere Naam, comedy films Hera Pheri 2, Luck and Mukkabaaz.