Committee will give report on EV fire cases this month, while in Tata Nexon case, the government has ordered an inquiry.

Fire investigation begins on Nexon EV (indic picture)

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The government has constituted a committee to find out the cause of the two-wheeler fire incident. The same government has warned that if the mistake is found, action will be taken against the companies.

The expert committee constituted to investigate the cases of fire in electric two-wheelers and suggest preventive measures is likely to submit its report this month. A senior government official of the Ministry of Road Transport gave this information on Thursday. Recently, electric vehicles (electric vehicleThere have been many incidents of fire, in which some people died and some people were seriously injured. Talking to PTI, the official said, “The expert committee is likely to submit its report (constituted on battery standards and certification) this month. There itself Tata Nexon ,Nexon EVThe government has ordered an independent inquiry into the fire.

The government is very serious about the cases of EV fire. Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari had recently said that erring companies will be punished and orders will be given to recall all defective vehicles after the expert committee submits its report. After the incident of fire in Ola’s e-scooter in Pune in April, the government had ordered an inquiry. At the same time, along with the investigation of the government, Tata Motors has also started investigation into the case of Nexon fire. So far, cases of fire in electric vehicles have been reported only in two-wheelers. But for the first time there has been a case of fire in a big vehicle.

Tata Motors started investigation

Automaker Tata Motors on Thursday said it is investigating the recent fire incident in a Nexon electric vehicle (EV) in Mumbai. Tata Motors said in a statement, “We are conducting an in-depth investigation to ascertain the facts of the incident related to the recent vehicle fire. We will share the detailed information in this regard only after our action is completed. The company has issued this statement amid the widespread sharing of the electric vehicle fire incident on social media platforms. The company said that it is committed to the safety of its vehicles and customers. This is the first incident in almost four years, the vehicle manufacturer said. So far, more than 30,000 EVs have covered a combined distance of more than 100 million kilometers across the country during this period.

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Government serious on fire in electric vehicle

The government is very serious about the cases of EV fire. For this reason, with such cases coming to the fore in two-wheelers, the government has constituted a committee. Which will not only find the reasons but also issue advice to the companies for safe travel. In the last few days, several incidents of fire in two-wheeler electric vehicles have come to the fore. Several electric two-wheeler manufacturers such as Ola Electric, Okinawa Autotech and Pure EV have recalled their intermediate vehicles due to these incidents. The government is focusing on increasing the number of electric vehicles in the coming times so that the dependence on oil can be reduced.