Companies like Reliance and Naira are bullying in the midst of fuel crisis, instructions to open petrol pumps but do not sell

Instruction to sell by increasing the price.

Amidst the fuel crisis, private retailers like Naira Energy and companies like Jio-BP asked their petrol pump operators to open pumps but sell less petrol and diesel. For this, instructions have been given to increase the price.

in the country at the moment fuel crisis ,fuel crisis) is going on, to overcome which the government had recently implemented the rule of Universal Service Obligation in the whole country. Despite the instructions of the government, private oil marketing companies are committing bullying. According to the report published in Economic Times, private petrol pump retailers like Reliance and Naira asked their petrol pump operators to open the pump but deliberately sell at least petrol and diesel. Petrol pump operators have been forbidden to put up boards like ‘Petrol pump is empty’, but have been instructed to increase the price to sell less fuel. Due to the high price, the customers themselves will not reach there.

According to the report, companies like Jio and Naira are selling petrol and diesel by increasing the price by Rs 2-7 per liter. In fact, due to the cost of crude, oil marketing companies are incurring huge losses on petrol and diesel per liter. Except for the reduction in price due to reduction in excise duty, there has been no change in the price of fuel since April 6. The fall in prices on May 22 was due to the reduction in excise duty. This is the reason why companies selling oil are incurring huge losses. The decision to not sell petrol and diesel is to reduce this loss.

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