Congratulations! The 47-year-old mother of this South actress gave birth to a daughter, said – what is the shame in this?

Arya Parvathi Mother Pregnant: Actress Arya Parvati’s mother has given birth to a baby girl at the age of 47. People are amazed on this occasion and they are getting congratulations from all sides. Arya has expressed her emotions on becoming an elder sister at the age of 23.

Actress Arya Parvati and her parents

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Arya Parvathi Mother Pregnant: malayalam actress Arya Parvati Happy time for. She has become an elder sister at the age of 23. Means his mother has given birth to a baby girl. At the age of 47, Arya’s mother gave birth to a baby girl. Hearing this news, he is also getting many congratulations. you might hear this news Neena Gupta Badhaai Ho Ki Yaad Aaye Jaye. With this film, he got that recognition in Bollywood which he could not get in so many years. Now this real life incident matching with the film Badhaai Ho has come to the fore.

Sharing this good news, Arya Parvati said- I am full of joy because after 23 years I have got a chance to become an elder sister. I am ready with full responsibility to take the role of an elder sister and mother and fill it with love. Come soon, my little one. In a recent interview, Arya talked about this good news.

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He said- A phone call changed my life. Last year, when I was about to go home on my vacation, I got a call from my father. He told me that Amma (mother) is pregnant. I didn’t know how to react. Because usually at the age of 23, your parents do not talk to you like this. I was surprised. Amma is 47 years old. When father told me this news, at that time the eighth month was going on. Even when my mother came to know about this, she is 7 months pregnant.

Arya also told that while some people congratulated her on this occasion, some people also said bad things about it. But the ideology of his parents is not like this. They believe that there is no shame in it. They talk openly about it and are feeling very happy to be parents at this age.

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Got recognition from TV series

Talking about Arya Parvathy, the actress is a well-known name in the Malayalam industry. The actress came into limelight because of the TV series Chhempattu. Apart from this, she has also appeared in the TV series Elayaval Gayatri. His fan following on social media is very good. More than 80 thousand people follow him. She is very talented and can also dance well.