Construction begins on worlds largest radio telescope In Australia South Africa with cost 1.5 billion dollars

After several decades of preparations, the construction of the world’s largest radio telescope has begun. They will be deployed at two sites in Africa and Australia and will be named the Square Kilometer Array Observatory (SKAO). Under construction, the SKA-Mid array will be built in the Karoo desert of South Africa, while the SKA-Low array will be setup north of Perth in Australia. Preparations for the construction of the world’s largest radio telescope were going on for almost 30 years. Its pre-construction work started a year and a half ago. The search was on for the right companies to get the job done optimally.

reports According to the SKAO Council President, Catherine Cesarsky, attended a ceremony in South Africa. He said that it has been many years in the making of this project. Today we are looking at another important chapter in this journey of 30 years. We are going to give the biggest scientific instrument to the world. After about one and a half years of pre-construction work, we are starting the construction work.

The SKA-Mid Array telescope, which is going to be installed in the Karoo Desert of South Africa, will search the sky for sources of radio waves in the mid-frequency range from 350 MHz to 15.4 GHz with the help of about 197 dishes. At the same time, the telescope being setup in Australia will use 1 lakh 31 thousand 72 dipole antenna to detect radio waves between 50 to 350 MHz. With the help of this telescope, astronomers will be able to detect signals from the most distant objects in the universe.

Catherine Cesarsky Told That this telescope will revolutionize our understanding of the universe. This telescope will help in understanding some of the most mysterious phenomena of the universe. As far as the construction of the telescope is concerned, the construction will be completed by the end of this decade i.e. by the year 2030. However, some of its antenna stations are scheduled to be completed by May 2023. Once commissioned, this telescope will serve for the next 50 years. 16 countries are working together to build it. 1.55 billion dollars i.e. about 127 billion rupees is being spent in the construction of the telescope.



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