Corona in America: Omicron increased tension, 84,000 people may die in four weeks, hospitals are filled with patients

US Coronavirus Cases: Since the arrival of the Omicron variant of the corona virus, there is a spurt in cases of infection in the US as well. Here the situation is expected to worsen in the coming time.

Corona infection cases are increasing rapidly in Britain

US Covid-19 Situation: The Omicron variant of the corona virus is spreading rapidly in the US, due to which not only the cases of infection are increasing at a record level, but hospitals are also filling up with patients. There is a danger of the situation becoming more serious in the coming times. Health experts say that it is now becoming difficult for Americans to protect themselves from the virus. “I don’t think we all will have Omicron,” said Dr. Robert Watcher, chairman of the medical department of the University of California, San Francisco. For this we have to try.

There is a possibility that ‘the next month is going to be terrible,’ he said. But this does not mean that everyone should assume that he will get infected with the virus. He has given this information referring to the conditions of Omicron seen in Britain and South Africa (US Coronavirus Cases Omicron). Watcher said, ‘It is difficult to find anything in a month or six to eight weeks, but if you look at the pattern in Britain and South Africa, then cases are decreasing there now.’

More than 84 thousand feared deaths

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a forecast on Wednesday, saying that more than 84,000 people in the US could die from Kovid-19 in the next four weeks. The forecast, based on data from Johns Hopkins University, means an average of 3,526 Covid deaths could be recorded every day, up from the current average of 1,251. According to the data, so far Kovid-19 has killed at least 832,148 people and about 57.8 million people have been infected in the US. The burden on hospitals in America is increasing due to the number of cases at a record level. This problem is getting worse due to shortage of staff.

Children are also getting admitted in hospitals

The number of adults and children infected with the virus has increased in America. More than a dozen doctors who attended Wednesday’s news conference said several workers in the Kansas City metro area became infected with COVID-19, prompting some surgeries to be postponed (US Coronavirus Update). There has been a sudden big jump in the cases of corona virus in many states of America. A record number of more than 10 lakh cases have been reported here just two days ago. Surprisingly, many people who have been vaccinated are also getting infected with the virus.

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