Corona medicines may be lacking in the market, this can cause big trouble

The situation is getting worse due to the outbreak of Coronavirus Pandemic. There is a shortage of oxygen cylinders in hospitals. At the same time, one more bad news can increase people’s problems. Actually, there may be a shortage of medicines (COVID-19 Medicines) used in the treatment of corona. According to pharmaceutical companies, due to lack of raw materials, this can become a big problem.

It is said that in the last one month, the prices of raw materials used to make the major Kovid-19 medicines have gone up by 200 percent. Due to increase in prices and non-availability of raw materials in the market, the medical world is worried. According to a pharmaceutical company, there is also a big difference in the prices of raw materials. Traders and manufacturers are selling it at different prices. If the government does not interfere in this, hoarding can increase.

There may be a shortage of these vehicles

According to data released by the pharmaceuticals industry, the prices of many active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) have gone up by 30 to 200 per cent during March to April. Medications used in corona medicines such as ivermectin, methylprednisolone, doxycycline, enoxaparin, paracetamol, azithromycin, meropenem, and pipratazo may decrease in the coming days.

Bad condition due to ban on cargo services

India imports 70 percent of its pharmaceutical raw materials from China. But Chinese cargo services in India have been suspended for 15 days. In this case, the import of pharmaceutical raw materials has been affected. This has increased the concern of the industry. Also, hoarding of raw materials of important drugs has increased in the market.

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