Corona, to Ali Goni’s family, posted a photo of the little nephew, saying, these are fighters

As if a mountain of trouble has broken on the head of Contestant Ali Goni of Bigg Boss 14. Most of the people of Ali Goni’s family have become corona which includes 3 younger nephews of Ali. Talking about the trouble faced by his family, Ali said that he can understand very well what those people whose own family are feeling is coronated. My family has been fighting Corona for the last 9 days. But I know, my mother, my sister, her children are fighters and they will win this battle. Allah bless you, take care ”Let me tell you, Ali is very close to his family.

Let me tell you, Ali himself got his corona test done, on 30 April he got his Kovid test done, the report of which came negative. On Friday, while tweeting, he told his followers that if someone shows signs of corona, then they should get their covid19 test done immediately. Love you all so please take care.


The fans were given advice

A few days ago, Ali, while interacting with his fans on social media, said that during this Ramadan, he has not kept Roza because Ali’s health was a bit bad during that time. Due to this, his fans were very worried but Ali calmed him a few days later and said that now he is feeling much better and giving lots of love to everyone to take care of himself and his family that Ali’s advice Was also given.



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Will marry Jasmine soon

Jasmine Bhasin and Ali Goni had a great time with Ali’s family as soon as Bigg Boss was over. Let me tell you, currently both these love birds are busy with their projects. But Jasmine Bhasin and Ali Goni have shot many music videos together which will be released soon. Jasmine and Ali expressed their love in reality show ‘Bigg Boss 14’. Now both are together and can soon get married with each other.

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