Corona will end from the world! One billion vaccines will be available from G7 countries, Johnson said – Britain will also donate 100 million doses

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Friday that his country would donate 10 vaccine doses to fight the coronavirus. These vaccines will be provided by next year. On the other hand, before the G7 summit starting on Friday, this group of seven countries is going to pledge to share one billion vaccine doses to the world. Half of this dose will be donated from America. US President Joe Biden has said that his country is going to buy 500 million vaccines and donate them to the world.

The British PM said that as a result of Britain’s successful vaccination program, we are now in a position where we can share the vaccine with other countries. Johnson’s announcement has come just before the G7 summit, which is starting today ie Friday. This summit is being organized in Cornwall, UK. Last week, Boris Johnson told Britain’s G7 allies – the US, Canada, France, Italy, Germany and Japan – to aim to vaccinate the whole world by the end of next year.

America will donate 500 million vaccine doses

At the same time, the Group of Seven G7 will pledge to share at least one billion doses of the anti-coronavirus vaccine with the whole world. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced this. About half of these doses will be donated by America while 100 million doses will be given by Britain. A few hours before this, US President Joe Biden pledged to donate 500 million doses and asked rich countries to make coordinated efforts to conduct widespread and rapid vaccination.

Vaccine inequality increases pressure on G7

Johnson’s office was told that the first 50 million doses will be given in the coming weeks, while the rest will be given next year. He said, I hope that my fellow leaders in the G7 summit will take similar resolutions and together we will be able to vaccinate the whole world by the end of next year. Earlier, French President Emmanuel Macron had welcomed America’s resolution and said that Europe should also take similar steps. He had said that by the end of the year, France would donate at least 30 million doses. Indeed, given the inequalities in the supply of vaccines around the world, G7 leaders are under increasing pressure to outline the global vaccine sharing programme.

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