Coronavirus: UK has reported highest daily cases of infection since February, the rapidly spreading delta variant

Britain has reported the highest number of daily cases of corona virus infection since February, which shows that the delta variant of the infection is spreading rapidly in the country. Government figures said on Wednesday that 7,540 new cases of infection were reported in Britain, which is the highest daily new cases since 26 February. Daily cases in the UK have been increasing for the past few weeks due to delta-type infections. 1,27,860 people have died due to infection in the country.

There is a steady increase in cases of the delta form of the corona virus in some parts of the UK. Due to this, the government may extend the deadline of June 21 to end the lockdown by another 15 days. Experts believe that before ending the lockdown, the government wants all the people above the age of 50 to be given both doses of the anti-Covid vaccine in the country. The delta form of the corona virus found for the first time in India is believed to be highly contagious, against which a second dose of vaccine can prove to be very effective.

Lockdown may be extended in Britain

The daily newspaper The Times quoted sources in the UK government’s cabinet as saying that the deadline to end the lockdown could be extended between two weeks to a month. The government’s Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty and Cabinet Chief Scientific Adviser Patrick Vallance also advised not to end the lockdown yet.

Change in the proportion of new cases-patients hospitalized

Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson has told his cabinet colleagues that there has been a significant change in the proportion of new cases of infection of Kovid-19 and hospitalization of patients, taking into account the decision to end the lockdown. . The government has focused on increasing the number of tests and vaccinations in parts of north-west England, including Greater Manchester and Lancashire, given the rise in cases of the Delta type.


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