Countdown begins against China, Europe and America are making a big plan against Dragon

China hatched a double conspiracy against the whole world by giving birth to a deadly virus. Attacked the population and economy of many countries simultaneously, but now the countdown has started against China. European and American countries are making a big plan against Beijing. In two countries of Europe, rebellion against China has already started. In this country with a population of one crore, the youth took command of the revolution against the expansionist China. Thousands of hands stood up at once and slogans of Jinping Murdabad were raised in Central Europe.

These pictures of the rebellion against China are from Budapest, the capital of Hungary. Here thousands of people protested against the Chinese University campus. With the banner poster took out a march to the Parliament. Now know why student uprisings are taking place in Hungary against Beijing? And why this issue will work as a spark in the atmosphere against China in the European Union.

In fact, a branch of Shanghai’s Fudan University is being opened in Budapest, the capital of Hungary, on which $ 1.8 billion is being spent. Which is many times more than Hungary’s education budget last year. Under this plan, the Budapest campus of Fudan University will be ready by the year 2024 and it will be the first Chinese university campus in the European Union of 27 countries. Now carefully understand the move of China here. Just now we told you that the construction of Fudan University Campus to be built in Budapest is estimated to cost about $ 1.8 billion and for this a bank of China. Giving $ 1.5 billion in loans to Hungary.

Thousands of youth stood up against the friendship of Hungary and China

Actually. This is China’s expansionist move because China has thrown a debt trap here. This country with one crore population has been made indebted. Now slowly he will take Hungary on the path of poverty. And here the usurpation will be successful because a China town has already been established in the Hungarian capital and now a Chinese university campus is being built here. Meaning China has started to establish its feet in this location of Central Europe and the same thing is knocking the youth of the country, that is why thousands of youth have stood up against the friendship of Hungary and China. Jinping and PM Orban’s friendship is being described as enmity for the interest of the country.

According to the students here, China will work through its university to spread communist ideology in their country. Not only this, the construction of this campus will reduce the standard of higher education in Hungary. According to the liberal think tank Republican Institute, nearly two-thirds of Hungarians are opposed to the Chinese university campus. Budapest Mayor Gergeli Karaksony is also against the Fudan University campus. He announced that he was naming streets after victims of Chinese human rights violations, namely Free Hong Kong, Dalai Lama Street and Uighur Martyrs Road.

Protest against China may intensify in the coming days

China, on the other hand, denies any allegations of human rights abuses. Beijing also tried to pour water on the protests in Hungary by saying that the normal cooperation between the two countries should not be politicised. In fact, the reason behind all this is being attributed to the close friendship of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and Jinping because earlier this month Hungary blocked the release of the EU statement that criticized China’s stance towards Hong Kong. was criticized. Apart from this, Hungarian Foreign Minister also went to Beijing last week, but in this friendship of Hungary and China, 10 million countrymen see the future of slavery and that is why the trumpet of rebellion against Beijing has also been blown in Budapest. If the situation does not change, then in the coming days this anger of the general public can erupt in the form of a volcano.

Apart from this, another European country Lithuania has also challenged China. This country with a population of 28 lakhs has left China’s CEEC i.e. Cooperation Between China and Central and European Countries. This forum was started by China in 2012. It includes 17 countries of Europe, while the 18th country itself is China. Meaning the rebellion against China is increasing in Europe. This protest may intensify in the coming days, know the reasons why this will happen.

More than a dozen countries are preparing plans against China

Actually, China’s plan is to fill America’s vacant space in Europe. During the tenure of Donald Trump, America had disputes with European countries on many issues. China saw an opportunity in this and without delay, it started making inroads among European countries. At the end of last year i.e. in the midst of Corona, China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi had taken the initiative to strengthen bilateral relations by visiting European countries, but now America and the European Union once again against China which is becoming dangerous for the world. Getting closer, which has been initiated by US President Joe Biden. Work has started on a big plan against China in European countries and North American countries.

Chinese newspaper South China Morning Post has written that more than a dozen countries are preparing plans against China, which will be a big blow to China. In fact, to hold China accountable, many big leaders of European and North American countries have started working towards a diplomatic boycott of the 2022 Winter Olympics in China, and according to the report that is coming, Europe and North America are close to Almost all countries can boycott the 2022 Beijing Olympics and if this happens then it will be a big blow for China. This is because after the boycott, not only diplomatic, but many other avenues can also be closed for China.

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