Country will get 314 Gentleman Cadets, passing out parade of IMA tomorrow

Army Chief General Manoj Pandey will also attend the passing out parade (POP) of the Indian Military Academy (IMA). Apart from Indian cadets, 30 foreign cadets will also pass.

The passing out of IMA will be organized tomorrow. (representative picture)

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Indian Military Academy (IMA), Passing Out Parade (POP) will be organized in Dehradun on Saturday. Indian Army is going to get 314 young officers after the passing out parade. An IMA spokesperson had informed that Army Chief General Manoj Pandey would be a part of the passing out parade program. This year, cadets from 35 states and union territories across the country are going to join the Indian Army. Apart from Indian cadets, 30 cadets are also going to participate in the passing out parade. Altogether 344 cadets will participate in the passing out parade.

This year, 51 cadets from Uttar Pradesh, 29 cadets from Uttarakhand, 30 cadets from Haryana, 21 cadets from Punjab, 16 cadets from Rajasthan, 17 cadets from Himachal Pradesh, 24 cadets from Bihar will also participate in the IMA Passing Out Parade. At the same time, 30 cadets from 11 friendly countries are also about to complete the course from the Military Academy, who will participate in the passing out parade.

Cadets from these countries will also pass

Among the 30 foreign cadets passing out from IMA, 13 cadets from Bhutan, 3 cadets from Maldives, 1 cadet from Myanmar, 2 cadets from Nepal, 4 cadets from Sri Lanka, 1 cadet from Sudan, 1 cadet from Tanzania, 1 cadet from Turkistan, Vietnam 1 cadet from Pakistan, 1 cadet from Uzbekistan and 2 cadets from Tajikistan will pass out.

At the same time, Army Chief Manoj Pandey will participate in the passing out parade to be held on Saturday and will take the salute. According to the IMA spokesperson, 344 Gentleman Cadets from India and abroad will become an integral part of their respective country’s armies as military officers in the POP.

Last year former President Kovind joined POP

On December 11 last year, the then President Ram Nath Kovind attended the passing out parade program of the Indian Military Academy (IMA) at Chetwode Building Drill Square in Dehradun, Uttarakhand. Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami and Governor Gurmeet Singh were also present on this occasion.

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President Kovind congratulated the Gentleman Cadets on the successful completion of their training at IMA. He appreciated the trainers and Gentleman Cadets for the spectacular parade.