Country’s most unique school, girls’ surname is not used, will be proud to know the reason

In this school located in Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh, girls’ surnames are used on exam forms and documents.

Most unique school in Bhopal

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There is such a school in Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh, which is appreciated because of the rules made regarding girls. In this school, girls’ names are not written to hide their caste. At the same time, if a girl has the same name, then a unique word is added to her name. The reason behind all this is that girls here are considered as Shakti Swaroopa. During the festival of Navratri, worship is done here every day, which is complete. school Creates a devotional atmosphere in the campus.

However, the surname is used on the exam forms and documents to be filled in the school. But never a girl student is called by her surname. The name of this school is Gargi Government Residential Adarsh ​​Kanya Sanskrit Vidyalaya. Located in the Barkhedi area of ​​Bhopal, 210 girls study in this school.

Why is the surname not used?

Actually, the reason behind not using surname in school is related to spirituality. The school believes that every girl has her own personality. In the Puranas, girls are considered as Shakti Swaroopa and they are worshipped. Girls are an energy in themselves. The existence of any girl is her identity.

At the same time, what is done when two girls with the same name are admitted in the school. On this, the school told that in such a situation both the girls are given a unique name in Sanskrit, which they use behind their name. By doing this, the situation of any kind of confusion does not arise.

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Apart from Sanskrit, command of girls on English-Hindi also

School director PR Tiwari said that Sanskrit was seen as a language dominated by Vedas, Puranas and Brahmins. The school believes that the dominance of men over Sanskrit should be broken. He told that girls coming from all classes study in this school. Apart from Sanskrit, the students studying here also speak English and Hindi very well.