Cricket will come in Olympics after 132 years, Australia is preparing, understand the whole matter

Efforts are being made to include cricket in the Olympic Games and the 2028 Los Angeles Games are targeted, which is likely to be included in 2032 if missed.

Women’s T20 was included in Cwg 2022 and it was well received.

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Birmingham Commonwealth Games 2022 The entry of women’s T20 cricket in India and its successful conduct has once again fueled the discussions of taking cricket to the Olympics. international cricket council Cricket boards of many countries including cricket are eager to get a place in the biggest sporting event of the world. Efforts are being made to include it in the Games to be held in Los Angeles in 2028. Even if it fails, then 2032 Olympics The chances of getting it in place seem to be increasing. That is, cricket can return to the Olympics after 132 years.

Cricket in Brisbane Olympics after 10 years?

In fact, after 2032 i.e. 10 years, the Olympic Games are to be held in the famous Brisbane city of Australia. Now the popularity of cricket in Australia and especially Brisbane is not hidden from anyone and in such a situation it can become a possibility. This is also because Cricket Australia itself is ready to take this responsibility on its shoulders. A report has claimed that CA is planning to include cricket in the games to be held after ten years.

Cricket Australia set target

cricket website espncricinfo In its report, Cricket Australia has told its plan for the future, it also includes making cricket a part of the Olympics. Another target (CA’s) is the return of cricket to the Olympics for the first time since 1900, if the sport is not included in the 2028 Summer Olympic Games in Los Angeles, the report said.

Decision on 2028 Games next year

Cricket did not find a place in the first list of sports decided by the International Olympic Committee for the optional sports to be included for the 2028 Games. However, a list of other possible eight sports has been prepared, among them cricket is also included. The International Cricket Council (ICC) will make its presentation to the organizers later this month. The final decision regarding this is to be taken in 2023. The host city of the Olympics can add a new sport, but this requires the approval of the IOC.

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Cricket has been played only once in the Olympic Games so far and that too 122 years ago in 1900. Then only the team of Britain and France participated in the games played in Paris. In such a situation, other boards including ICC are also putting full emphasis to make cricket popular in other countries of the world.