Cryptocurrency: People of Colombia will be able to do Bitcoin trading, the country’s bank has taken the initiative

Bank of Colombia has teamed up with cryptocurrency exchange platform Gemini Gemini to facilitate bitcoin trading in the South American country of Colombia. This initiative as a government sponsored program will start from 14th December. Its purpose is to look at the public inclination towards bitcoin trading. Bank of Colombia and its subsidiaries have approximately 18 million customers in other regions, including Panama, Central America and Guatemala.

Under this partnership, in addition to bitcoin, more than 50 million Colombian citizens will get the option to trade in Ether, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. One of the senior executives of Gemini, Cynthia del Pozo Garcia on this partnership where is That the nature of crypto is borderless and we are committed to increasing people’s access to crypto around the world. The partnership is part of a one-year pilot program conducted by Colombia’s financial regulator.

However, it is not clear whether Bankolombia will allow users to withdraw the money pegged on bitcoin. Meanwhile, in Colombia cryptocurrency There seems to be a positive sentiment about it. One of TripleA Report As of now, more than 3 million Colombians have crypto assets. In January this year, SFC selected 9 crypto exchange platforms to participate in this pro-crypto pilot program. Along with Gemini, Binance Binance and Mexican firm Bitso Bitso also made it to the list.

Meanwhile, different steps are being seen in countries around the world regarding crypto. In October the digital economy minister of Australia, Jan Hume, also validated the crypto space. It was said that the overall crypto space is not a “fad”.

Recently the CEO of Australia’s largest bank ‘Commonwealth Bank’ also predicted big risks of not entering the digital assets industry on time. Along with this they signed partnerships with major crypto players.


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