CS, ECE, Civil, Mechanical or anything else… Which engineering branch is best for you?

How to Choose Best Engineering Branch: The result of JEE Main Session 1 has been released and the registration process for JEE Main Session 2 has also started. What things should be kept in mind while taking admission in NIT and IIT, information is being given here.

How To Choose Best Engineering Branch.

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Engineering Career Tips: JEE Main Session 1 Result 2023 has been issued. Along with this, many questions have started arising in the minds of the students interested in engineering. The biggest question is which branch can be best for them? What precautions are necessary while choosing a branch? Give importance to college or branch?

All these questions are very natural and should arise in the mind of any student or parent. If there are questions, their answers will be sought. If you get the answers then it will be easy to select from them. Here we will tell you the answers to such questions, which can prove to be very helpful for the students.

Which branch is best?

There is no straight answer to this. There are several reasons for this. If you want a job immediately after completing four years of studies and also good money, then nowadays computer science engineering is in most demand. If you don’t get this, you can also take IT. But if you want to join IES in Government of India then still core branches hold more important position. If we talk about core branches, then civil, electrical, mechanical because their demand is more in government jobs. These three branches also play an important role in civil services. In this way, first of all you have to see in which direction you have to go next? What are the needs of the family? How much patience do you have?

Precautions to be taken while selecting the branch

Two-three things are important here. A- What is your JEE score? Two- In which institute do you want to study? Three- Are you not bound to any particular city or any particular branch? If the score is good then NIT, IIIT are waiting for you. If you want to go to IIT then it is natural that you will have to wait now. If you are not bound to any particular city, branch and JEE score is good i.e. you are going to give JEE Adnaced, then waiting for IIT is a better option.

Give importance to college or branch?

College and branch, both are important at their place. For example if you get ECE branch in IIT Madras and CSE in any college in your city then going to IIT Madras is a better option. Yes, if you are getting CSE in any NIT and ECE in IIT, Madras then once you can think about NIT. But IIT Madras can be best for you. The alumni network of any IIT’s is so important that the branch doesn’t matter much for the future. If you have got admission in any branch of IIT Madras and you have studied with full honesty, then there will be no job crisis.

They should also be taken care of

Branch is more important than college that where you are getting admission, what is the infra there? What is the placement record? How old is the college? How is the status of the alumni? Faculty or not? What condition are the labs in? If you get admission on priority basis in IIT, NIT, IIIT then you should take it immediately. Taking admission in state government universities like HBTU, MMMTU in UP will not be a loss deal. Many state colleges have also been doing very well. Seeing and understanding them, taking admission will be a proper decision.

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IIT, NIT will remain important

As such, the importance of CSE branch will remain for the coming years. Now IIT’s have also started branches like Data Science, AI & ML. If you are thinking of admission in IIT and NIT, then definitely visit their website once. Many new courses have come in between, in which admission is also available in low merit. If you do this research in advance, then there will be a lot of convenience at the time of counseling. If in your view, you get admission in IIT and NIT even in a weak branch, then it will be a right step to take, because the chances of getting a job here will be more than any other college, whatever the branch may be, wherever you live, you will get alumni support. .