CUET Exam 2022: Experts have mixed opinion about syllabus on UGC announcement on CUET

CUET Exam 2022: The opinion of experts is divided on the announcement of conducting CUET according to the syllabus of NCERT. Some believe that this will harm the students of those school boards where teaching is done from other books.

There is a mixed opinion of experts regarding the syllabus on the announcement of UGC on CUET

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CUET Exam 2022: University Grants Commission (UGC) University entrance exam similar to ,CUET Exam 2022, Opinions of experts are divided on the announcement of conducting NCERT according to the syllabus. Some believe that this will harm the students of those school boards where teaching is done from other books. UGC chief M Jagadesh Kumar had announced on Monday that Kendriya Vidyalaya will start graduation from this year. (UG) CUET will be used for admitting students to the programmes, and not on the basis of marks obtained in class 12th.

Kumar said that the syllabus of CUET will be according to the class 12th model of NCERT. Sudha Acharya, head of the National Progressive School Conference, said, “Many state boards are using NCERT books while some have their own books. CBSE uses NCERT books which are more progressive towards competition. He said, “NCERT books are very standardized and they are written by renowned experts. The ICSE board has different books and the students there may suffer.”

However, NCERT books are also taught in Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan boards. An ICSE school principal, requesting anonymity, said that it seems as though CUET will be harmful, especially for the students of the ICSE board, but added that it would be better to wait now before jumping to any conclusions. However, Delhi University professor Rajesh Jha said that CUET will be disadvantageous for students coming from rural areas and other state boards.

He said, “Coaching institutes have started giving coaching for CUET. This means that students from urban areas and those who have the resources will be benefitted. Professor Abha Dev Habib of Delhi University also agreed with Jha saying that they are imposing the same curriculum on everyone. He said, “Education is a subject in the concurrent list and there are different state boards in the country.” International students will be exempted from CUET for taking admission in Indian universities.

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