CWG 2022: After Amit Panghal, Jasmine’s punch confirmed the medal for India, reached the semi-finals

Before Jasmine, Amit Panghal had confirmed the medal by reaching the men’s 51 kg weight category on this day.

Indian boxers continue their stellar performance in the Commonwealth Games. Jamsin beat New Zealand’s Troy Garten 4-1 to reach the semi-finals in the women’s 60kg category on Thursday. With this, Jasmine has ensured another medal in boxing for India.

Jasmine started off slow and kept a good distance due to her reach. The New Zealand player tried a lot to trouble the Indian boxer and apply accurate punch, although Jasmine did not allow this to happen and at the end of the first round though Jasmine made some good punches and made good use of jab-hook. Garten also made good punches on Jasmine which hit her face. In the first round, however, there were five referees in favor of Jasmine.

Garten offensive in second round

As New Zealand’s Garten stepped in, she tried to dominate Jasmine. Although Jasmine became defensive and defended herself brilliantly, Garten became very aggressive. Garten hit some good punches but due to Jasmine’s length, she missed out on accurate punches. In the last minutes, Jasmine was asked to attack, which she did and made accurate punches of good combinations. In this round, two referees were in favor of Garten.

Amazing game in the third round

In the third round, Jasmine showed a sharp play and made good use of her footwork. With his footwork, he confused Garten and drove his punches. Garten still managed to get a couple of punches right and Jasmine was seen getting defensive. In the third round, however, Garten showed a better game. On the basis of this, she managed to get a divided decision but could not compete in her name.

Amit, Nikhat also confirmed medals

Before Jasmine, India’s legendary male boxer Amit Panghal also confirmed the medal on this day i.e. on Thursday. He defeated Lenin Mulligan of Scotland 5-0 to secure a place in the semi-finals in the 51kg category. Apart from these two, Nikhat Zareen (50 kg weight category), Neetu Ganghas (48 kg weight category) and Mohammad Husamuddin (57 kg weight category) have also confirmed medals in their respective categories by reaching the semi-finals.