CWG 2022: After Deepak Poonia’s victory all wrestling matches stopped, stadium also vacated

The wrestling events of the Commonwealth Games were suddenly stopped.

No other match after Deepak Poonia’s match

Image Credit source: PTI

Due to wrestling on the seventh day of the Commonwealth Games 2022, the matches were suddenly stopped. According to the news, this decision was taken due to security reasons. After stopping the match, the stadium was evacuated and all spectators were asked to leave. Wrestlers participating in the competition were also asked to leave the stadium. United World Wrestling, the international federation of wrestling, gave information about this by tweeting.

The ruckus caused by the fall of the speaker

United World Wrestling tweeted and wrote, ‘We are stopping the match for a while due to security reasons. We will start the match again as soon as we get permission. According to the time of England, the matches will start at 12:15. There were five matches of the day. India’s Deepak Punia had returned after winning his first match in the 86 Kg category. Before the next match could even begin, a speaker from the ceiling fell near the mat. This caused an uproar.

After this all the fans and players were asked to go back so that the entire stadium could be thoroughly checked. The speaker had fallen very close to the mat. In such a situation, the organizers did not want to take any risk. A coach said, we are all safe, they are doing a thorough check to avoid any untoward incident.