CWG 2022: Big question, will the dependable Bajrang Punia win a medal this time too!

From India, Bajrang Punia is the strongest contender for a medal in wrestling. There are reasons for this trust as well. Bajrang has a bronze medal in Tokyo Olympics.

India hoping for a medal in wrestling from Bajrang Punia

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Jaswinder Sidhu

Wrestling has not been kept in the next Commonwealth Games to be held in Australia. so it Commonwealth Games It will be like making memorable for Indian wrestlers for themselves. Especially Bajrang Punia It will be an effort to maintain this status. Wrestling matches are about to begin at the Birmingham Games. Bajrang Punia is the strongest contender for the medal from India. There are reasons for this trust as well. Bajrang has a bronze medal in Tokyo Olympics. In these games too, he will be on the mat in the 65 weight category to retain his Goldcoast gold in 2018. But despite such strong expectations, there are concerns about the trustworthy Bajrang. The reason for this is his faltering form.

lack of sharpness anxiety

Talking to those who have a keen eye on Bajrang’s career, it is revealed that his technique’s sharpness has weakened in the last few months. Because it was visible just before the Games, the sports ministry was requested to send them to the Olympic Center at the University of Michigan, USA, for a month to practice. Seeing the possibility of medals, the Sports Authority of India used special funds for Banjarag and sent them there.

Apart from recovering from injury, the lack of quality partners for practice sessions has also affected Bajrang’s game. A big reason for going to America was that there he got a chance to fight with wrestlers stronger than him for practice. But whether he has returned his first touch from all this or not, for this, he will have to wait for his first match.

Has Bajrang fully recovered from the injury!

During the Tokyo Olympics, Banjarang used protective tape and knee cap in his right knee. After returning from Tokyo, he began to recover from injury for seven months. That injury has also affected Bajrang’s game but it is being claimed that he has gone to these games only after being fully fit.

Banjarang is now a big name in world wrestling. That is why the wrestlers of other countries also have an idea of ​​the technique of Bajrang.

Bets are being caught

This has happened with Bajrang in the semi-finals of the Tokyo Olympics. The most deadly aspect of Bajrang’s wrestling is the flimsy bets. In the Olympic semi-finals, Haji Aliyev of Azerbaijan played against Bajrang and scored four points together. Apart from that match, Bajrang also lost the hopes of winning gold and silver.

In the flimsy bet, the dominating wrestler makes the opponent lying on the ground, holding both feet in both hands from just above the ankles, and rotates it on the mat. Just like a vacuum cleaner is used to clean the carpet. In the standing position, the person who has both legs in his hand, the number of times he is able to rotate the fallen wrestler, he gets the same number of points. Over the years, this bet has helped Bajrang win several international medals. But due to continuous use, it is no longer a big hit.

Bajrang learned the feats from Yogeshwar

Yogeshwar Dutt was the most expert in this bet and those who knew Bajrang say that he learned this bet from Yogeshwar himself. Obviously, Bajrang has always proved himself strongly in wrestling in the last decade. But this Commonwealth Games seems to be the biggest challenge for them. Here the medal performance will decide how long 28-year-old Bajrang will play for the country!

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