CWG 2022: Bindiyarani did not even have money to buy shoes, this player helped

In the Commonwealth Games on Saturday, India got four medals and these four medals were given to India by the weightlifters.

Bindiyarani Devi won a medal in her first Commonwealth Games,

Saturday was a great day for India in the Commonwealth Games being played in Birmingham. On this day, India won four medals and all four medals were given to her by weightlifters. Indication of the beginning Mahadev and then Meerabai Chanu, Bindiyarani Devi through Gururaja put a medal in India’s bag. Bindiyarani Devi has reached here, some contribution has also been made by Tokyo Olympics-2020 bronze medalist Mirabai Chanu. bindiyarani In the 55 kg weight category, she missed the gold medal by just one kg.

There are many similarities between Bindiyarani and Mirabai. Both these players come from the northeastern state of Manipur. Apart from this, both of them practice in the same academy. The background of the family is also almost the same of both. In many respects Bindiyarani is identical to Mirabai Chani. That’s why many people have named her Mirabai Chanu 2.0. This happened when Mirabai did not even win a medal in the Olympics.

Bindiyarani considers Chanu a role model

Bindiyarani Devi grew up watching Chanu. Once Mirabai Chanu came to know about Bindiyarani’s struggle, she also extended a helping hand. Mirabai Chani had come to know that Bindiyarani did not have good shoes and then this player gifted her shoes to Bindiyarani. The Bridge has told this in its report.

Bindiyarani, after winning the gold medal at the Commonwealth Championships last year, said, “Mira Di has contributed a lot to my success. She is always ready to help me with my technique, my training. When I was new to the camp, she made sure that she would settle down well. He knew that I did not have money to buy shoes but he did not think even once before giving me his shoes and gave them. She has always been an inspiration and I am her biggest fan because of her down to earth behavior.”

won such a medal

This is Bindiyarani’s first Commonwealth Games And in his very first attempt, this player has put the medal in his bag. Bindiyarani made a good start in the snatch and lifted 81 kg in the first attempt itself. He lifted 84 and 86 kg in the next two attempts, which put him in third place after this round. The first was a lifter from Nigeria and the second to host England, who lifted the best weights of 92 and 89 kg respectively. With this round, Bindiya’s medal was visible. In clean and jerk, Bindiya made a successful start with 110 kg, but failed to lift 114 kg in the second attempt, however, despite this, she did not give up and lifted 116 kg.