CWG 2022 Live Score: Judoka Sushila won silver, Vijay also got bronze, India-England match draw

  • 01 Aug 2022 10:12 PM (IST)

    Hockey: India-England draw 4-4

    The Indian hockey team’s match against England ended in a 4-4 draw. India had taken a big lead in this match but lost in the last quarter and had to be content with a mere draw.

  • 01 Aug 2022 10:11 PM (IST)

    Judo: Sushila wins silver

    India’s Sushila won the silver medal for the country in the 48 kg category of Judo. She had to face defeat against Mikaela Waitoi of the South. He also won the silver medal in the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

  • 01 Aug 2022 09:53 PM (IST)

    Hockey: IND vs ENG: England scored the first goal

    England scored their first goal in the third quarter. Liam Amsell scored the first goal for England on a penalty corner. India had taken the referral but to no avail

  • 01 Aug 2022 09:50 PM (IST)

    Judo: Sushila to win gold

    In some time from now, Sushila of India will enter the final match of 48 kg. Sushila will face the South African player.

  • 01 Aug 2022 09:29 PM (IST)

    Hockey: IND vs ENG: India lead 3-0 after first half

    India has taken a 3-0 lead in the first half of hockey. Team India remained ahead in terms of possession. India scored two goals in three from the field. Despite India getting a green and a yellow card, they are currently leading 3-0.

  • 01 Aug 2022 09:19 PM (IST)

    Squash: Saurav Ghosal reaches the semi-finals

    India’s Saurav Ghoshal has reached the semi-finals of men’s singles. They won the quarterfinal match against Scotland 11-5,8-11,11-7,11-3.

  • 01 Aug 2022 09:07 PM (IST)

    Hockey: IND vs ENG: India lead 3-0

    In the second quarter, India scored the third goal and took the lead 3-0. Mandeep once again made a great move and Akashdeep converted it into a goal.

  • 01 Aug 2022 09:00 PM (IST)

    Hockey: India lead 2-0 in first quarter

    India took a 2-0 lead in the first quarter. Lalik Kumar gave a penalty corner to Team India and then scored the goal by deflating the shot well. At the same time, Mandeep Singh scored the second goal for India with a reverse hit.

  • 01 Aug 2022 08:47 PM (IST)

    Hockey: India face England

    Hockey match between India and England has started. India must win this match so that they finish first in the group and do not face Australia in the semi-finals.

  • 01 Aug 2022 08:17 PM (IST)

    Today’s main update

    India (Women 4’s) confirmed the medal for the first time in lawn ball.

    – Amit Panghal and Husamuddin made it to the quarterfinals in their respective weight categories in boxing

    – Sushila Devi made it to the final in the 48 kg category in Judo

  • 01 Aug 2022 08:10 PM (IST)

    Squash: Sourav Ghoshal’s match begins

    Sourav Ghosal will now face Greg Lobban of Scotland in the men’s quarterfinals. India has high hopes from Sourav

  • 01 Aug 2022 08:05 PM (IST)

    Squash: Joshna Chinappa loses

    India’s Joshna Chinappa’s journey in women’s singles ended in the quarter-finals. He had to face defeat against Canada’s Holly. Joshna lost this match 11-8, 11-5, 15-13.

  • 01 Aug 2022 07:41 PM (IST)

    Artistic Gymnastics: Pranati Nayak missed out on medal

    Pranati Nayak of India finished fifth in the Artistic Gymnast final vault with a score of 12.699.

  • 01 Aug 2022 07:35 PM (IST)

    Squash: Joshna Chinappa’s quarterfinal match begins

    India’s star squash player Joshna Chinappa is competing against Canada’s Holly Naughton in the quarterfinal match. Holly is world number 20 and a lefty. Joshna has never reached the semi-finals of the singles category

  • 01 Aug 2022 06:40 PM (IST)

    Judo: Three players from India will challenge for the bronze medal

    In Judo, Vijay Singh in men’s 60kg category, Suchika Tarial (57Kg) in women’s, Jasleen Saini (66Kg) will enter the bronze medal match of Rapchase.

  • 01 Aug 2022 06:27 PM (IST)

    Boxing: Mohammad Husamuddin reaches quarterfinals

    India’s Mohammad Husamuddin has qualified for the quarterfinals. He trampled the Bangladesh player 5-0. First Amit Panghal and now Husamuddin, this day is very special for India in terms of boxing.

  • 01 Aug 2022 05:49 PM (IST)

    Judo: Sushila Devi confirms medal

    India has been confirmed its first medal in Judo. Sushila Devi defeated top seed Priscilla Morand of Mauritius in the semi-finals of 48 kg category. Now she will present her claim for gold.

  • 01 Aug 2022 05:42 PM (IST)

    Squash: India’s Sunayna Sara enters semi-finals

    In the women’s singles category of squash, Sunaina Sara has made it to the semi-finals. She defeated Chanmitha Sinali of Sri Lanka 3-0 (11-3, 11-2, 11-2).

  • 01 Aug 2022 05:39 PM (IST)

    Boxing: Amit Panghal’s special tattoo

    India’s star boxer Amit Panghal has got a tattoo of his grandfather Jagram Singh on his shoulder.

  • 01 Aug 2022 05:14 PM (IST)

    Judo: Jasleen Saini’s journey ends

    In Judo, India has suffered a major disappointment from Judo. Jasleen Saini, who was presenting the Indian challenge in the 66 kg category, had to face defeat. She lost to Finlay Allen of Scotland.

  • 01 Aug 2022 04:58 PM (IST)

    Boxing: Amit Panghal reaches quarterfinals

    Amit Panghal won the round of 16 match 5-0. He secured his place in the quarterfinals by defeating Vanato’s boxer.

  • 01 Aug 2022 04:50 PM (IST)

    Boxing: Amit Panghal in action

    India’s star boxer Amit Panghal has come up against Nigeria’s Namri Beri in the weight category of 48-52 kg. This is his round of 16 match

  • 01 Aug 2022 04:45 PM (IST)

    Swimming: Sajan Prakash finished seventh in the heat round of the 100m butterfly

    In the swimming men’s 100m butterfly, Sajan Prakash finished seventh in his heat. He is currently ranked 19th overall with a timing of 54.36 seconds. Top 16 players will qualify for the next round.

  • 01 Aug 2022 04:41 PM (IST)

    Judo: Sushila Devi reaches semi-finals

    In the quarterfinals of the 48 kg event of Judo, Sushila Devi defeated Hariyat Bonface of Malawi to win the match. She has now reached the semi-finals.

  • 01 Aug 2022 04:14 PM (IST)

    Weightlifting: Ajay fails in third attempt

    Ajay Singh could not lift the weight of 180 kg in the third attempt. He could not lift 180 kg in his last attempt at clean and jerk. He lifted the maximum weight of 176 kg in this section.

  • 01 Aug 2022 03:56 PM (IST)

    Weightlifting: Ajay Singh’s great start in clean and jerk

    Ajay Singh has made a great start in the clean and jerk. He has lifted 172 kg in the first attempt. In the second attempt, he lifted the weight of 176 kg.

  • 01 Aug 2022 03:45 PM (IST)

    Lawn Ball: India beat New Zealand to ensure medal

    Indian women’s team has confirmed a medal in lawn ball. India beat New Zealand 16-13 in the Women’s Force. India defeated New Zealand in the semi-finals to ensure a medal in the final. Initially, the Indian team was behind 6-1 but made a strong comeback and ensured the medal.

  • 01 Aug 2022 03:17 PM (IST)

    Juduco: Jasleen Singh’s fight begins

  • 01 Aug 2022 03:06 PM (IST)

    Weightlifting: Ajay Singh dominates the snatch

    Ajay Singh showed excellent game in the snatch and was successful in all three attempts. He has lifted 136 kg in the first attempt, 140 in the second attempt and 143 kg in the third attempt.

  • 01 Aug 2022 02:58 PM (IST)

    Weightlifting: Ajay’s story is exciting

    Ajay Singh was a sprinter first and then came into weightlifting. His story changed after joining the army. Pakistan’s weightlifter Haider Ali is also in front of him but he is not able to stand in front of Ajay Singh in snatch.

  • 01 Aug 2022 02:50 PM (IST)

    Lawn Ball: Strong comeback of Indian team

    The Indian women’s team was trailing New Zealand in lawn ball but has made a strong comeback and is currently leading 10-7.

  • 01 Aug 2022 02:47 PM (IST)

    Special message came for weightlifter Ajay Singh

  • 01 Aug 2022 02:45 PM (IST)

    Weightlifting: Good start for Ajay

    Ajay Singh has lifted 137 kg in the first attempt of the snatch. Although he staggered a bit but he was able to lift the weight properly. In the second attempt, he lifted a weight of 140 kg.

  • 01 Aug 2022 02:38 PM (IST)

    Weightlifting: Eyes on Ajay Singh

    All eyes are on Ajay Singh of India. The six medals that India has won so far have been given by all the weightlifters and hence Ajay is also expected to have a medal. Ajay won the gold medal in the Commonwealth Championships last year.

  • 01 Aug 2022 01:57 PM (IST)

    Lawn Ball: Indian team behind

    Indian women’s team is playing against New Zealand in the semi-final in lawn ball. At present, New Zealand has the upper hand and is leading 6-1. The Indian team consists of Lovely Choubey, Pinky, Nayanmoni Saikia and Rupa Rani Tirkey.

  • 01 Aug 2022 01:00 PM (IST)

    Australian player created history

    Australian swimmer Emma McCann created history by winning gold in the women’s 50m freestyle. She has become the most successful player of the Commonwealth Games. McCon won his 11th overall gold medal at the Commonwealth Games, which is a new record. This is the 28-year-old’s third gold medal at the Birmingham Games. Earlier, he also won gold medals in 4x100m freestyle and 4x100m mixed relay.

  • 01 Aug 2022 11:54 AM (IST)

    eyes on badminton

    Today is a special day for India in badminton. India will face Singapore in the mixed team event. Here the eyes will be on Team India to make it to the finals.

  • 01 Aug 2022 09:58 AM (IST)

    this is today’s program

  • 01 Aug 2022 09:18 AM (IST)

    Indian players will do wonders

    India’s last two days have been very good. In these two days, India has won six medals in the Commonwealth Games. All these medals have been given to him by weightlifters. Today once again the eyes will be on the weightlifters. In the men’s section, Ajay Singh will enter the 81 kg weight category, while in the women’s section, Harjinder Kaur will present the challenge. Apart from this, the Indian badminton team is also expected to secure a medal in the mixed team event. Men’s hockey team will also land on the field.

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